Scott Hartnell has had a pretty epic week. There was the “watcha gonna do, brother” gif from earlier this week. There were his thoughts on the upcoming Pens/Flyers series. And then there was today.

Today Hartnell released his campaign to be the cover athlete on NHL 13. It features a rather cleaned up Hartnell addressing the hockey world in his quest to be on the cover of the world’s most popular hockey game. Quite frankly, he earned all of my votes.

Now, I understand if you get frustrated when your team plays against Hartnell, he’s that type of guy. The fact is though, he is awesome. He’s thoroughly entertaining, does good things with the Hartnell Down charity effort and brings smiles to kids faces. Also, points for killer haircut.

Join me in supporting his cause to be on the cover of NHL 13. Voting details were passed along by us here.


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  1. this guy is an idiot , talks to much shit for an average player

    • If 37 goals is average, there are A LOT of crappy NHL players then.

    • I’d say he’s better than average. 37g, 30a, +19, and a crap load of penalty minutes. I’d take him on my team all day.

      He also gives a ton of time and money to charity. He’s a good guy that plays the game hard. He’s an asset to the Flyers, and would have no problem making any team in the NHL. And this is coming from a Rangers fan!

  2. I really, really want to like him. I don’t, but I really, really wish I did.

  3. The time he decided to go out of his way to flatten Magnus Paajarvi after taking a perfectly clean hit from a different Oiler kind of soured me on him. It was a dick move. There are plenty of great guys in the NHL who I’d like to see on the cover; he is not one of them.

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