As is the custom this time of year, our crew like many others decided to get our predictions in digital print so when they come true we can point to them to highlight our genius, and when they don’t, we can delete them. It’s a fail-safe process.

We’ve made our best guesses on all the round one series’ (with the amount of games needed in brackets) – we’ll post our Conference champion and Stanley Cup winner predictions shortly as well.

Round one, Eastern Conference:


Bruins/Caps Panthers/Devils Pens/Flyers Rangers/Sens
Justin Bourne Bruins (7) Devils (6) Pens (7) Rangers (5)
Daniel Wagner Bruins (5) Devils (7) Pens (6) Sens (7)
Cam Charron Boston (5) Devils (4) Pens (7) Rangers (7)
Chris Lund Caps (6) Devils (5) Pens (7) Rangers (5)
Ms. Conduct Bruins (7) Panthers (7) Mutual Destruction Rangers (5)
Jo Innes Bruins (5) Devils (4) Flyers (7) Sens (6)
Ryan Lambert Bruins (5) Devils (5) Penguins (7) Rangers (6)
Joseph Casciaro Bruins (6) Devils (5) Penguins (7) Rangers (6)

Of note:

* Ms. Conduct has forfeited her Pens/Flyers pick, instead choosing to predict the complete and utter annihilation of both franchises.

* Chris Lund is the only one to predict the Caps beating the Bruins, which I could see happening.

* Ms. Conduct was the only person to take the Panthers, which would produce the annihilation of many people’s minds (but I could see that happening too).

* Jo Innes was the only person to take the Flyers. Again, I could…. you get the picture.

* Two people are taking the Sens, which I can’t see happening with prescription lenses and a magnifying glass.


Round One, Western Conference: 

Matchups Blues/Sharks Coyotes/Blackhawks Preds/Wings Canucks/Kings
Justin Bourne Blues (7) Coyotes (7) Preds (7) Canucks (6)
Daniel Wagner Blues (6) Coyotes (5) Preds (7) Canucks (6)
Cam Charron Blues (6) Coyotes (7) Preds (5) Kings (6)
Chris Lund Blues (6) Coyotes (6) Preds (7) Kings (7)
Ms. Conduct Blues (7) Blackhawks (7) Wings (6) Canucks (6)
Jo Innes Blues (7) Coyotes (7) Wings (5) Canucks (6)
Ryan Lambert Blues (7) Blackhawks (7) Preds (6) Canucks (6)
Joseph Casciaro Sharks (6) Blackhawks (6) Preds (7) Canucks (7)

Of note:

* There’s a lot of this “one person taking a chance stuff” going on today, I like it. Joseph Casciaro of our new “Morning Joe” posts has the Sharks beating the Blues in six.

* Our two ladies like the Red Wings, while the boys like the Predators. I’ll withhold comment on this one, thanks.

* Cam Charron, who writes for Vancouver’s The Province and other Canuck-heavy sites has taken the Kings to beat the Canucks, proving it is still possible to prefer one team, but think another will win. I mean, he’s wrong, but I like that he had the stones to do it.


When we post out long-term playoff predictions, we’ll include our picks for the individual trophies as well. Coming soon!

So let’s have it! Are we a group of idiots, or no?