Every sports fan loves a good haircut. I challenge you to defy that logic. Football fans enjoy Troy Polamalu’s mane flowing out the back of his helmet, basketball fans enjoy Ben Wallace’s potentially explosive ‘fro, baseball fans get a kick out of Tim Lincecum’s whatever that is, I love Steven Stamkos’ flow. It is, to borrow a phrase, dirty.

Tonight, while gazing upon Erik Karlsson’s domed shag, it occurred to me that I have seen this shape before. To that end, I consulted the twitterverse:

Given how deep and meaningful that question was, I was expecting deep and meaningful answers and got just that. One in particular was inspired.


This got me thinking. What does Erik Karlsson’s haircut look most like…

The subject:

My hypothesis:

A rebuttal:

A further contender:

Another idea, just replace guitar with hockey stick:

All in all, we have some serious contenders for things that look a lot like Erik Karlsson’s hair. That being said, I’m starting to think the Norris doesn’t look a whole lot like him.

Let’s have some fun, #BShelf nation – what does Erik Karlsson’s hair look most like? Feel free to post your own suggestions or vote on the one’s above.

Comments, tweets and facebooking are all welcome.