Noteworthy: April 12th, 2012

Here at theScore we have a wildly popular basketball blog called The Basketball Jones (which you should be reading). For playoffs, we’ll be stealing their feature “Things of Note,” that recaps all the….things of note, from the night’s previous action. The tidbits may be a little longer than theirs, but the idea remains the same. This is happening because the hockey editor is not nearly as creative as the basketball editor, Trey Kerby.


 Game of the night: Pittsburgh/Philly gets the nod, but it didn’t look look like they would for awhile. I actually tweeted at some point “Anyone else having a hard time watching Pitt/Philly when Nash/Det is this good?” and got plenty of support. But things changed quickly after the Flyers came back from being down three-spit on the road to win 4-3 in OT.

And today’s issues is: The missed offside call on Danny Briere’s first goal:

Here’s the thought process in your head as a player when you don’t hear the whistle, but know you were offside: “Ah f***, I better sell this hard and accelerate so it looks like at least I thought it was onside holy shit he hasn’t blown the whistle yet oh man he’s actually gonna let this go I better shoot YAY!”

Apparently the Penguins third goal was sketchy too - the linesman waved off an icing call late, so the Philly D (Coburn) relaxed, leaving the Penguins to get the puck. But a big “ahhh whatever” to both. Missed calls happen in hockey.

Daily suspension debate: Shea Weber went all HULK SMASH on Henrik Zetterberg at the end of the game, which isn’t really legal. In playoffs, you get your licks in where you can, but when the puck is in your feet, THE CAMERA WILL BE ON YOU.

Should get: one game                                         Will get: one hug

Also up for debate was Byron Bitz dropping the rare from behind/elbow to the brain combination on Kyle Clifford, as shown below:

Should get: 4 games                                         Will get: 2

Well that was decent: Jakub Voracek scored his first ever playoff goal, and just happened to do it in overtime against the Pens. Brayden Schenn also poured in a goal and two assists – the Flyers’ off-season deals look pretty good right now. Sidney Crosby scored on what I believe was his first shift, finishing with one and one. Danny Briere sniped two, adding to his reputation as a post-season BEAST. 21 year-old Gabriel Bourque scored twice for the Predators. And last, Mike Richards had a goal and two assists – that Kings’ off-season deal looks pretty good right now.

Won’t get love should get love: Ilya Bryzgalov didn’t have a great first period, but really pulled it together and kept the Flyers in it in second, stopping 25 of 28 in the game. Also in this category is Roberto Luongo, who made a ton of great saves against a Kings team that basically pumped the Canucks eyes shut all over the ice. He stopped 35 of 38.

Highlights, please: Processing shapes into letters into words into information is hard. To the moving pictures!

On tap tonight: Rangers/Sens, Bruins/Capitals, Blues/Sharks, Coyotes/Blackhawks. Should be fun.