Tweet Free Zone

The most disappointing part of my day today was the Los Angeles Kings apologizing for the tweet we brought to your attention earlier today. Seriously, own it or don’t. Last night it was cool, now the sober second thought is sorry? Come on.

The official response, as I see it, probably should have been along these lines.


Be the fun, edgy NHL twitter account or don’t. There is no middle ground and I would prefer to be entertained than having homer fans RT’ed repeatedly.

Surprisingly, when asked for their opinion, the Canucks simply stated they don’t care. Imagine that, a hockey team sticks to their guns and maintains their “we only care about what happens during the game” attitude. Here’s the video evidence.

This twitter nonchalance explains why there aren’t – as far as I know at least – any Canucks on twitter. They could really care less. Paul Bissonnette is not the ideal Canuck.