The podcast used to be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday deal. Then the playoffs started, and it became a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday thing. Then LAST NIGHT happened, with its 8-5 Flyers/Pens game and all. So we had to add a bonus podcast.

We discussed:

* Flyers/Pens was something

* Flyers/Pens was something

* Did you guys see the Flyers/Pens game?

* Other stuff happened (apparently)

You can listen to it here:

Download it here. Subscribe on iTunes here.

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  1. Had to add this:

    While listening to the show, at the 17:35 mark, Pizzo asks: “Have we covered everything? What are we missing?”

    Me, to my computer: “Um, Couturier?!?”

    Bourne: “Uhh… Couturier had a hat trick, is that okay?”

    Priceless! Thank you for this podcast!

  2. Hey, thanks for blocking me on Twitter for disagreeing with you. You’re such a great guy.

    To comment on your blog, Yes, I did see the Pens-Flyers game. It sucked. Pens were undisciplined and there was no defense. No excuse for what happened in the game.

    However, you still shouldn’t make comments on a player’s looks vs his skill. If you don’t like that comment, feel free to delete it — again. Can’t live with your own failing? Fail on your part.

  3. If you really consider yourself a “journalist” you have to accept criticism of our posts/columns. Just because I disagree with something you said, you shouldn’t block my comments. That reads “unprofessional” to everyone. Just ask any true journalist out there. Yes, I criticized your comment about Dustin Brown’s lips. Why is that wrong? Why should it be okay to make a comment on a player’s lips, rather than on his play? I’m a Penguins fan – want to make a comment about Crosby or Sullivan’s lips? But, see, I’m upset about your comment about Brown’s lips. That’s just dumb. Stupid. Dump. Even you should be able to admit that.

    Seriously, this year you had become my favorite non-partisan commentator. And that is why I was so disappointed with this. Honestly, it was the first time I was disappointed in you. And then you go and block me on twitter for criticizing you. I’m pretty sure anything I would say about that would get this post removed. Justin, I think you’re better than that. I thought you were, anyway,

  4. sorry for typos but a little upset here

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