Well, that was a fun night. We all learned lots. We learned that the Flyers are very, very good and the Penguins might not be, we learned that the Canucks still can’t be counted on in the playoffs, we learned that you can never count the Red Wings out and we learned that the New Jersey/Florida series is apparently happening. The main thing that I learned, however, is that the race for and subsequent winning of the President’s Trophy means next to nothing.

I know, I know, it’s nothing new that a number one seed doesn’t go through to the championship. That’s actually the entire basis for March Madness. But, in the NHL, the President’s Trophy is more of a burden than a benefit. In the last ten years, only one team has won the trophy and gone on to hoist the Cup – the 2007/2008 Detroit Red Wings – and until last year’s Vancouver Canucks, no Trophy winners had even made the finals.

Though this year’s Canucks team is not down and out yet, although it’s getting close, it’s starting to look like we’ll see yet another season where finishing first in the standings doesn’t lead to finishing first where it counts. There are many possible reasons for this, there’s the added pressure of being the best, teams are gunning harder for you because you were the best, or it could just be the law of big numbers coming into play once again as, no matter where you finish, teams still only have a 1 in 16 chance of taking home the hardware.

The point is, I think it’s time for us to stop putting such a focus on the race for the President’s Trophy at the end of the season. We don’t need the daily coverage, we can read the standings just fine on our own. The team that finishes first in the regular season absolutely should be recognized for their achievements, but maybe it’s best if we just wait until the season is over, rather than starting a playoff race before the playoffs begin.

I think they’d appreciate it.

As for the Vancouver Canucks? You guys can thank me next year.

Your Links, Good Sirs and Madams

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