Game in a Relevant Quote:

“I just feel tired now if people are shocked. If it’s not for you, just don’t bloody watch it.”
-Chris Morris

My best attempt at Observations:

- Just… wow.

- These teams hate each other. A lot.

- Marc-Andre Fleury has never been worse in his career and Evgeni Malkin is still invisible.

- Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux should not be fighting each other.

- Kris Letang and Kimmo Timonen should not be fighting each other.

- Arron Asham shouldn’t be playing for a while.

- James Neal shouldn’t expect his bank balance to be at its current level tomorrow.

- If the NHL wants to send a message, Dan Bylsma shouldn’t be holding on to that money either.

- Whoever thought Matt Cooke would be one of eight Penguins in a game with zero penalty minutes? Others include: Zbynek Michalek, Paul Martin, Pascal Dupuis, Richard Park, Brook Orpik (also confusing), Tyler Kennedy and Malkin.

- I’m wondering if Daniel Briere is only paid for playing in the playoffs because that makes it 101 points in 100 career playoff games.

- Speaking of impressive. Jaromir Jagr still has it. He is very, very good at hockey.

- It’s too bad James Neal decided to be a freaking idiot at the end of the game because he scored a gem and was Pittsburgh’s best offensive threat.

- Sorry for the lack of hockey analysis here but really that would being like analysing who’s wearing what skates in any other game. The Flyers just continue to outclass the Penguins and the Penguins continue to come unglued. What I’m more interested to see now is the long term fallout for the Pens from this series. This strikes me as the type of series that could pull apart a roster. They look dead in the water.

- I picked Paul Holmgren as my GM of the year and I think it’s clear why. His younger, rebuilt roster is laying a beating on the consensus most talented team in the NHL. Not only are they in better shape to win this season, but they’re built to win long term too with a core of Giroux, Schenn, Couturier and JVR ready to stick around long term. The Flyers may very well be the next Red Wings type of powerhouse from here on out.

- Game four goes Wednesday in Philly. We’ll see how that goes. I’m assuming it’ll be more of this with different starring characters.

My Three Stars:

1) Daniel Briere
2) Jaromir Jagr
3) Wayne Simmonds