If you needed any more proof that the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the best tournament in sports, the last four days should be enough to satisfy you. We’ve already had seven games decided in sudden death this year. Seven. The playoffs started four days ago. Could this be the year we see a new record for overtime games in the playoffs (the record being 28, set in 1993)? If I know anything, which I don’t, I’m going to say that yes, yes it will be the year. Regardless, more overtime please, Hockey Gods. We really enjoy it.

Also, the Blues won a playoff game!  That hasn’t happened in a really long time. April 12, 2004 to be exact. Oh, you don’t remember 2004? Allow me to refresh your memory.

  • Vladimir Putin won his second term as Russia’s President (The Poot!).
  • On May 4th, the Leafs played their last playoff game.
  • The series finale of Friends aired (I miss you, The Friends).
  • Paul Martin (remember him?) was still Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Lance Armstrong won his 6th consecutive Tour de France.
  • And this song was EVERYWHERE.

So, yeah (sorry, Yeah!), it’s been a long time coming for the boys from St. Louis. Good on them.

Links to The Past

  • Lost in all the excitement of the playoffs was Canada’s National Women’s hockey team winning the Women’s World Championship over the United States. Caroline Ouellette played hero scoring in overtime because of course it went to overtime. It’s always fun to beat the United States in hockey and, parade down Yonge Street or not, it’s a great victory for a great team. (Toronto Star)
  • The Blues not only scored a victory, they sent a message. I wonder what it said? (STLToday)
  • There were a whole bunch of head shots last night. But don’t worry, the NHL is working really hard to make sure they don’t happen as often. I think. That’s what they keep telling us, anyway. (Globe and Mail)
  • A very cool look at when goals tend to come in games. Also, proving Kelly Hrudey wrong. So that’s always fun. (Leafs Nation)
  • If the Sens and Canucks are knocked out in the first round, the real losers, other than the Sens and Canucks, might be the CBC. (Ottawa Citizen)
  • Even guys who aren’t playing think the Stanley Cup Playoffs are awesome. (Chicago Sun Times)
  • Hey, you got your Sabermetrics in my hockey! This year’s leaders in Shut Down Index. (Pension Plan Puppets)
  • Game 2 was not the best night ever for the Coyotes but it may have given them some extra motivation for game 3. (Arizona Republic)
  • Today in “oh, you don’t say?” – if the Predators want to beat the Red Wings, their first line needs to score (The Tennessean)