Hossa on his way to hospital

Marian Hossa was rushed to hospital in tonight’s Blackhawks-Coyotes game after taking a big hit from Raffi Torres. Hard to say much beyond this his is absolutely suspendable for a multitude of reasons.

1) Torres left his feet.
2) The play was charging to begin with.
3) Principle point of contact was Hossa’s head.
4) The puck was gone, though it was less than a second from when he let it go so I doubt that can be held against him.
5) Torres is classified as a repeat offender.

Take a look at the hit.

A) Think Torres should be suspended?
B) If no, why?
C) If yes, how many games?

Here’s hoping Hossa is alright. At last word he had arrived in hospital.

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  1. a) yes, suspend him!
    b) he’s a repeat offender who deliberately targeted the head of a star player, making contact with his elbor on Hossa’s head, all while while leaving his feet and taking 6 strides into him. There is nothing about this hit that was clean or “part of the game”
    c) rest of the playoffs, however long that is for Pheonix. Even better- suspend him for as long as Hossa is out injured.

  2. Hey Bliss:
    He charged with shoulder. Left his feet, yes.
    The hit is late, but not THAT late as you think. Deserves to be suspended. I say he’s out for 2.

    • Two games?! NO. shaw is out 3 on his BS against Smith…..I say he’s out 5+

      • Watch both clips. Mike Smith was playing a puck, and it was oh so clear Shaw targetted the head. Marian Hossa has his head up, and got hit in the shoulder then head. 2 games.

        • doesnt matter if your head is up or not, that should have been a 5 a game for charge, he leaves his feet makes and makes contact with the head…. raffi is considered a repeat offender (which i think is a dumb rule) so it pretty much serves it up on a platter for shanahan. if he wants to keep the playoffs from spiraling out of control then raffi will be sitting up in the press box for a while.

  3. this is why i wish the Blackhawks still had a player like Cam Barker around,who couldve knocked Torres flat on his pathetic pussy ass after a hit like that on Hossa,thanx alot Dale Tallon u dumb son of a bitch

  4. A deliberate head shot as this one the offender should be suspended for as long as the injuried player is out. Then maybe this blight against our great game will be wiped out

  5. Well Bliss, by your reasoning Keith should still be out for his hit on sedin…

  6. a) Yes, but only because he left his feet. Contact wasn’t even made to Hossa’s head. I honestly think your a big Chicago fanboy because if that happened to a non-hawk you wouldn’t be taking so many shots on the hitter.
    b) Only bad thing about the hit was he left his feet and there was an injury
    c) 1 or 2 Games.

    ALL YOU CHICAGO FANBOYS ARE BLOWING THIS OUT OF PROPORTION. I’m not a Phoenix fan, but this is not as bad as you guys think.

    • Not to his head? Are you sure about that one? Take another look and come back to the conversation.

      • I watched it 10 times over, in the full speed and slow mo. I saw contact with the shoulder then head, but call me crazy for having no bias.

        • Im not a hawks fan at all either, i just see the initial point of contact to the side of his head.

        • You must not have very good eyesight if you watched that 10+ times. Shoulder to head, feet left the ice, and he is a repeat offender. Should be suspended for 5+ games, but you never know with the inconsistent calls that have been happening lately.

  7. Repeat dirty play? Torres should be done for the season, maybe a chunk of next season too. if Hossa’s career is over then Phx and Torres should reimburse the remainder of Hossa’s contract.

  8. Hey Malandro, a late hit, as stated in NHL rule book, is considered anything later then .5secs. Puck was gone from Hossa’s stick .8secs.

    Shoulder to head. Left feet and lunged towards the head. Shaw from the Hawks was just suspended for 3 games for a targeted head shot, charged, etc… same as Torres. He will be gone a minimum of 3 games, I’m thinking 5 as Torres is a repeat offender.

    Just brutal that no ref called a penalty on that play.

  9. rest of series.

  10. Unfortunately he won’t see much of a suspension, but that’s how the Shanabans roll. I’ve tried time and time again to respect him for giving everything he’s got and playing with intensity; but time and time again he’s proven himself to be a loose cannon. What an idiot, he needs a big number thrown at him to have any chance for a lesson to be learned.

  11. It was dirty. Chicago announcers said 10 games minimum.

    • Yes, clearly the Chicago announcers are the unbiased source we should turn to for this suspension.

      *note, I have no opinion on the hit at this point, just find this comment silly.

  12. any suspension that pussy gets better also be without pay

    • All suspensions are without pay, IIRC.

      Also, mind toning things down a bitty bit? You are only talking about hockey. We are not actually at a rink here.

  13. yes, minimum 5 games. If this were a guy with a clean slate, I would say 2. But its raffi torres, he’s got a reputation. He leaned into it and was 5-6 inches airborne (making the head the principle point of contact on the taller hossa). It was a touch late, but that’s not the issue here.

  14. also, it is clear he intended to lay the hit, there is no way he just finished a normal check: Hossa had just cut back to make the drop pass, there is no way anyone can anticipate that in a split second. As soon as he saw Hossa vulnerable, he beelined for him. Therefore, this wasn’t just a hard hockey play gone bad, it was just dirty.

  15. @Travis

    So you can see inside of Torres’ head and know what he targeted or determine intent? If he targeted hossa’s shoulder, why’d he leave his feet? Is he like Theo Fluery size? No. You want to complain about Chicago fanboys, I personally think you’re a Red Wing fan.

  16. I can’t wait to see Don Cherry defend this one.

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeZDE9H3_vU

    Perhaps you recall this oddly familiar move by Torres, Travis. NO SUSPENSION because he had just come off of one for doing the very same thing to another player.

  18. He’s making quite a habit of this sort of thing. I’d be satisfied with five games, though frankly I hope it’s longer.

  19. Can someone tell me how this hit was different from a hundred Kronwall hits?

    • Kronwall 90% of the time delivers clean hits and usually never leaves his feet(doesn’t need to cuz he’s tall) I don’t think comparing the hit to kronwalls hits is fair

  20. the question isn’t what he’ll get, it’s what he SHOULD get. Why do we even need players like Torres in the NHL? We need to legislate guys like him out of the game

  21. ahsam was given 4 games so since torres is a repeat offender I would have to say he needs at least 10 games, someone has to teach that punk a lesson. often torres is borderline with hits, that’s just the kind of cheap player he is. Ionly hope that one day he gets his

  22. Kind of agree with Travis on this one.

    After watching the Score’s posted video of the hit I don’t see a problem.
    Looked clean in real time. Even in slow motion it’s hard to tell if Torres’
    skates left the ice before contact. No where near late! I’ve seen players
    take longer to “finish their checks”. It IS indeed very similar to a lot of Nicklas
    Kronwall’s hits. We’ve seen players get away with a lot worse ie. Shea Weber, and
    Milan, or lightly punished ie. Carl Hagelin, and Duncan Keith. If this was Ovechkin or Callahan making this hit I don’t think there’s even a discussion.

  23. Milan Lucic^(Sorry! It’s early!)

  24. The question isn’t “should Torres be suspended?” The question is “why is Torres allowed to play in the NHL?” Anyone who’s surprised by this (or worse, attempting to defend it) has not been paying attention. It was only a matter of time before Torres destroyed someone with a dirty hit. Hopefully Hossa will recover. And hopefully Torres gets what’s been coming to him for years.

  25. His hit on Seabrook was much worse.
    He left his feet but i think he was targeting the chest with his shoulder. 1-2 games max, but leaning toward 1 game.

  26. I strongly believe Torres should be suspended for that hit on Hossa. I can’t understand why players flirt with mindless plays and cheap shots. I understand that hockey is a fast sport and Torres was probably already committed to the hit but, WTF. Shanny must be throwing up the papers in his hands (I picture him looking over notes) and screaming ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! – DO THEY LEARN? My point is, if Cooke can go from averaging +100 PIMS in the past several seasons and not even be involved in the scrums between Philly/Pitt then other players can play the game clean.

  27. Its late, therefore its interference. After watching the check dozens of times, I cant see the head either being targeted, or the principle point of contact, and its iffy whether or not he leaves his feet prior to contact, or because of contact. If Hossa was still carrying the puck, or perhaps had *just* released it, I probably would not have had a problem with this check.

    I think Torres will face a suspension, probably 1-2 games because he’s a repeat offender, because thats easy for Shanahan to justify. I wouldnt be surprised if its more, due to the recent outcry from other series, but anything over 3 is a miscarriage of justice.

  28. On the leaving his feet thing – it only matters if he leaves his feet PRIOR to contact. It is really hard to tell from the video whether he does or not – it is very close. So close, I don’t think he SHOULD get more than 1 game – but with the media up on their high horses again, will likely be 7.

    • He left his feet. Check other video sources that make it very plain to see. This is a habit for Torres, not an odd one time occurrence. And Shanahan needs to remember what he said about other players leaving their feet, “The moment Ovechkin launches himself into the air prior to the hit he becomes responsible for any contact to the head.”.

      It amazes me how people are looking for every way to defend Torres.You want this kind of hockey? Go put yourself at risk and let the rest of us see the game played by decent humans who have some sense of sportsmanship.

  29. What purpose did this hit serve, except to injure and/or intimidate? Torres is a dirty bastard, and always has been. He needs to get his ass beat when he does crap like this, but the Hawks don’t have a real enforcer any more. Five game suspension, at least. I hope Torres gets what he deserves on the ice as well.

  30. Don Cherry has lost touch- these guys are 240 pound wrecking balls and it is like getting run over by a Sherman tank with each hit- they work out like fiends, are hard as rock and are lethal weapons when they have skates on- because of the size and speed none of which Cherry has the foggiest idea about- the play needs to be closely monitored and guys heavily penalized- over time (years) the type of play will suit the game rules- always been like this Don??- your so so wrong and out of touch

  31. If you’ve played hockey you know that was to hurt gossamer. He jumped. He jumped through his head. All those saying his skates were touching the ground….. He was in the motion of jumping. It doesn’t matter if it touched his shoulder first head shot. All those backing up Torres or saying a game or two should never watch hockey again. If you played the sport you know Torres was trying to hurt him.

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