He's possibly done watching.

D-Day has arrived for Canucks fans. I’m not, of course, referring to their seemingly impending elimination. Rather, the return of Daniel Sedin appears to be on the verge of happening as the team, and Daniel, are hinting at his return to the lineup coming in game four.

Obviously the concern is that he is not healthy enough to play, but Sedin is quick to dismiss that talk.

“I would never play if I wasn’t 100 per cent,” added Daniel. “If I don’t feel right tomorrow [Wednesday], I won’t play. I don’t want to go through this again. It’s been a tough four weeks and it’s good to be back and first of all feeling good. That’s my main issue. I really wanted to be back for the playoffs, but when that wasn’t the case my main concern was getting back to 100 per cent.

“We’ll take it day-by-day.”

“When I stepped on the ice to practice [April 9] like I did today, things didn’t feel 100 per cent. It’s not like I took a step back. I took 1 1/2 days off and I started to feel good again.”

Canucks TV got footage of Daniel skating with the team today in LA. It may have been Henrik the whole time, but who knows.

All in all this is an encouraging sign for the Canucks given the ineffectiveness of the power play. However, I’m still concerned about the fact it could be a “screw this, it’s the playoff, I’m playing” type of move. Not to dismiss the Canucks chances – teams have come back from three down before, though they don’t necessarily win – it would be silly for Vancouver to take any chances with Sedin. At the end of the day, they have this guy on their team a lot longer than this week and they have to have those long term interests in mind.

Not saying he should absolutely sit out, just saying if there is even a tinge of doubt he shouldn’t be playing. I’m sure Marc Savard or any number of other NHLers could explain why.

Do you think Daniel will return for the Canucks in game four? Should he? Will it even make a difference?

Let me know.