This is actually the cover of today's Philadelphia Daily News

Well then, this series just got a bit more amusing… assuming that was possible in the first place.

Apparently the Philadelphia Daily News will be running with the above Sidney Crosby cover. This is according to Frank Seravalli of said publication who is one of the writers on the Flyers beat in Philly. He revealed the cover on twitter…

Upon seeing the tweet and corresponding cover my exact thought process was as follows:

1) That can’t be real.
2) Oh my God that’s real.
3) That doesn’t look like a Penguin at all.
4) Oh, Wizard of Oz. Gotcha.
5) Nice alliteration on Sniveling Sidney.
6) The LA Kings department of Trolling would be proud.
7) I should probably quit this linear monologue and post it already.

Regardless of what I thought, the cover seems to be in good fun. The PDN is a tabloid paper so we all know this is a ploy to get people laughing, riled up for hockey and buying papers by the bushel (can you buy papers by the bushel?).

I’m sure I could give you a well articulated rant on the double standard that web-based publications are ridiculed for this while print publications are given their free pass regardless, but this is neither the time nor the place and I don’t feel like being the buzz killer today. Wednesday usually suck as it is without me being Mr. Media Morality.

Audience participation part:

I posted this here to get your opinion on it. Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Why?

The first person who is offended and references “class” loses the game. If you’re outraged, I’d like some creativity in the process.