Like most hockey fans today, Pizzo and I spent a some time talking about the Raffi Torres-on-Marian Hossa hit (with plenty of audio), and had some good discussion. But, there was also actual hockey last night, so we got to that too.

We covered:

* Detroit/Nashville, and the star that is Pekka Rinne

* I attempt a brief verbal Systems Analysis of the Kevin Klein goal

* Florida/New Jersey and comebacks

* Marty Brodeur got rightfully yanked

* Goaltending could be the difference in the Phoenix/Chicago series


You can listen to it here:

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Comments (3)

  1. About to listen right now, I set the over/under for “gutless” mentions regarding Torres at 4.5.

  2. Coach Q’s rant about the refs is an accumulation from all three games…..too many coyotes on the ice on their goal in game one that was not called, Mike Smith’s hit on Toews that was called goalie interference ON Toews in game two, Shaw’s game misconduct and suspension, the Coyotes GETTING A POWERPLAY on the Torres hit, Smith hitting Sharp in the face with his blocker at the end of the second & Toews being the only guy to be penalized in the scrum at the end of the second. There is no doubt the refereeing this playoffs among all the series has been awful….and a disgrace

  3. While I don’t want the game to be covered for violence, you can’t just say “it’s a niche sport and we’re happy with it.” That’s exactly how to screw over the sport.

    It’s never going to be the NBA, but that doesn’t mean you just accept it for what it is.

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