The Philadelphia Flyers’ goaltending issues in the postseason have been well documented over the years.

The trio of Brian Boucher, Sergei Bobrovsky and Michael Leighton allowed 38 goals in 11 games between the Conference Quarterfinals and Conference Semifinals in 2011, so naturally, the Flyers went out and signed Ilya Bryzgalov to a nine-year contract worth $51 million in the off-season to correct this fatal flaw once and for all.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Flyers came into Wednesday night with a 3-0 series lead and were looking for the sweep, Bryzgalov still seems to be falling in line with Flyers goalies of the past, allowing 17 goals on 109 shots three-and-a-half games into his Philly postseason career, culminating in the Bear Hater being pulled in the second period of tonight’s Game 4.

Of course, because matching each other’s incompetence is just what Flyers goalies do come April, Bobrovsky entered in relief of Bryzgalov, who had allowed five goals on 18 shots, and proceeded to allow five goals…on 18 shots. At least they’re consistent!

Here’s video of all 10 Penguins goals tonight:

It’s hard to put into words just how unreliable Philadelphia’s playoff goaltending has been over the last few years, but the crack research staff here at theScore (mainly the ticker department) gives us a pretty good idea:



I realize that Marc-Andre Fleury has been far from reliable in this series, but at the end of the day, if the Pens can take care of business at home in Game 5, I’d take Fleury in net for Games 6 and 7 over anyone manning the crease wearing Flyers colours.

Stay tuned for Chris Lund’s thoughts on Game 4 later tonight.

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  1. Obviously they need their goalies to come up with a couple saves but may if they provided their tenders with ANY FORM OF SUPPORT their goalies could preform better.

    if you force a goaltender to play both the shot and the pass and then the rebound it makes it exponentially harder to make the initial save.

    if Philly could take away the passing option then at least the goalie would only have to concentrate on the shot but when you watch that video of all 10 goals only the very first one stands out as being particularly bad.

    the rest of the goals are players left wide open with all the time and space in the world …..these are NHL players they are SUPPOSED to bury all those chances and before its said that these are NHL goaltenders and they are supposed to make the saves i would refer back to my first point. if the flyers goaltenders cannot trust their defense (which is non existent) to help them out then they are screwed from the get go. for christ sake on one of the goals BOTH Philly D-Men are BELOW the goal line.

    even if you recap the goals it goes like this

    1- bad rebound by bryzgalov his fault
    2- powerplay goal where the Flyers Defense GIVE the Penguins the back door one time pass. that pass is NEVER EVER the goalies responsibility. all you can hope is the goalie comes up with highway robbery
    3- point shot that hits Crosby (all alone in front) and deflects in.
    4- bryzgalov makes the innitial save in a scramble and the rebound goes out front to Stall who again is ALL ALONE (obviously the rebound is not where you want it to go but its a scramble save and when thats happening rebound control is not your first priority)
    5- powerplay goal that is exactly the same backdoor play and as before bryzgalov plays the shooter and his PK unit doesn’t do the one they they are supposed to….take away backdoor passes
    6- pass from the corner out front to Stall who again is ALL ALONE and he buries a 1 timer
    7- FULL clapper by an uncontested shooter in FULL stride from the top of the circle on a 1 on 2 and he manages to pick a corner. …why doesn’t his D-man step up instead of screening him…..MAYBE he could have had this but even that is a stretch. it was basically the hardest shop competition and he went top corner
    8- both D men below the goal line and once again a shooter ALL ALONE in front for a one timer
    9- a clear cut 2 on 1 where once again the shooter is TOTALLY UNCONTESTED and he picks a corner Maybe could have had this…maybe
    10- Guy comes in all alone down the win and he makes a PERFECT rebound pad shot. yeah bobrovski’s rebound control could have been better but why does the d man dive and take himself out of the play when he knows the player is shooting and he cannot get back in time and why is the penguins player able to beat 2 flyers back to the net?

    of the 10 goals 1 should have been stopped and 2 MAYBE could have been but ALL 10 of the goals were the result of a NON EXISTENT Flyers defense.

    For the record i live in vancouver and could give 2 craps about either the penguins or the flyers but the BLATANT blaming of flyers goaltending in this game makes me sick, how about throwing some blame the defenders way because for my money they cost the flyers 8 goals.

    This is coming from a goaltender who has played at junior and college levels and now coaches (thats not bragging thats attempting to show i’m not some beer belly opinionated moron behind a keyboard although thats tough to do on the internet)

    Moral of the story….Stop goalie scapegoating its just the easy way out.

  2. The Flyers defense was non existent tonight. I agree with the goalie, you can’t fault Bryz and Bob for this disaster. It was a total lack of effort by the Flyers tonight. The Pens were the most desperate team tonight and they showed it. Hats of to them even though I think they are all douches.

  3. The Philly defence has been absolutely brutal for the majority of the four games. I won’t deny that. But the goaltending hasn’t been nearly good enough for more than a period or two at a time either. It shouldn’t all fall on the goalie’s head, but at the same time, you would hope that in the postseason, you have a goalie in net that can save your team’s butt when the defence does collapse.

  4. i Totally agree that overall the Flyers goaltending has been very porous but my main point was that in tonight’s blowout i don’t think that the goalies were to blame what so ever and the making of a goal compilation video to highlight the blame on them was just absurd.

    I also agree that you do need a goalie in net who can bail your butt out when the D collapses but the big question is how many times do the D need to be bailed out? tonight it seemed like it was pretty much every play.

    The Flyers could use Chris Pronger right now in the worst possible way

  5. Hey, didn’t “yolo” tell you to stop writing? YOUR NOT LISTINENG!!!eleven!!

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