Jumping into arms is a thing

Game in a Sentence:

Despite getting the start they wanted, the New York Rangers had these feisty Senators claw their way back into the game and even up the series thanks to an OT snipe from Kyle Turris.


- Any time you go up 2-0 in the first ten minutes of a game, you can’t really have anything go much better for your team especially when you’re on the road AND when your special teams are clicking AND get you both of those goals. This game was the Rangers to lose.

- Unfortunately for the Rangers, the Senators were the stronger team at even strength and really out-chanced them throughout the game when the teams were playing with an equal number of skaters.

- Glenn Healy (obligatory groan) spoke to the ineffectiveness of Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards during the second intermission and in my mind the reason why is quite simple. Carl Hagelin plays a bigger role on that line than most people give him credit for and many forget that the chemistry just wasn’t there prior to his addition to the line. I expect them to be much more noteworthy once Hagelin returns.

- One of the reasons we needed overtime in the first place tonight is the number of blocked shots the Rangers amassed. They have been very good at keeping the majority of Ottawa’s offence away from the crease and getting their bodies in the way of shots.

- The Sens also won the battle of the lower lines. Odds are if the Rangers had their bottom six on the ice they were getting worked over while the Sens bottom six held possession very effectively.

- Ending Milan Michalek’s cold streak was a big plus for the Sens. He just hasn’t gotten many bounces and hasn’t made the impact he did during the season. Ottawa needs him to be an offensive threat and ideally this goal gets him rolling. Now we’re all just waiting around on Jason Spezza…

- Erik Karlsson is playing very well right now and logging big minutes. That being said, don’t read in to all of the attention being paid to his shift length. Of the roughly 27:00 minutes he played tonight, 7:00 came on the power play. Odds are if the Sens have a man advantage Karlsson will stay out for the duration of the PP, hence his shift lengths are inflated. Much ado about nothing.

- I didn’t have a huge problem with Marc Staal’s hit on Jason Spezza in the grand scheme of things. Don’t get me wrong, I think it should have been a roughing penalty, but those who want some sort of Shanahan enforced discipline need to jog on. Had Spezza not put his head into Staal’s chest it would have been a solid body-on-body shove which happens any number of times a game. Unfortunately Staal got in on Spezza’s head and the play looked bad. Again, the contact could have been avoided/lessened, but a two minute minor would have done the job fine.

- It was just a matter of time before Kyle Turris scored in this one. The guy had several excellent scoring chances over the span of the original 60 minutes and just couldn’t get the bounce and roll. His OT strike took bounce and roll out of the equation. Great shot.

- On the game winner, Anton Stralman needs to either block the shot or get the hell outta there. He had good positioning on Turris and I don’t understand why he felt the urge to go down off of his feet. Lundqvist would have had a much better chance had his teammate not obstructed the puck.

- The Senators goal horn, if it wasn’t before, got real annoying after the game. I know that’s not analysis. It’s me preferring the guy on the horn wasn’t pretending he was coordinating the sound swells on the Inception soundtrack.

- This series has turned into a sort of unexpected gem with some hard fought battles playing themselves out in tight games. Looking forward to game five. I think the Rangers take it at home and send it back to Ottawa with a lead.

My Three Stars:

1) Craig Anderson
2) Kyle Turris
3) Chris Neil