Most people agree that Raffi Torres is a player who plays on the edge. The problem is, he falls off it a little too often.

We compiled most of his offenses in video form below:

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  1. You guys just posted the same article at the same time..

  2. Nice, Editor wins that one every time eh ;)

  3. Goddamn. That gave me some sympathy pains for sure.

  4. He’s a dirty player…there is no denying that, everyone of those hits are high and to the head except for the hit vs the wild. Other than that he should be gone for a very long period of time. In my opinion he’s a cunt.

  5. You have to admit that hes good at what he does.. Hes mastered the dirty hit to the point that the refs can never be sure enough about it to call a penalty. Phoenix knew what they were getting when they paid Raffi, and judging by how much they paid him they werent the only one interested.

    Love him or hate him, id consider his antics last season a big reason Vancouver got to the finals.

  6. I’d forgotten about the “hitting zone”

  7. Raffi Torres = platinum cunt. They never will, but the NHL should just come out and declare open season on him.

  8. Methinks “Torres talents should be released from the NHL.”

  9. great work guys!

  10. Me think you guys should send this video to B Shanahan… All the hits are roughly the same, blind side with skates leaving the ice almost everytime. Dirty

  11. Oh for god’s sake use Youtube or something please. Your video is inaccessible internationally, which is silly because the NHL is quite open about sharing video content made by fans on Youtube

    • Hi Stace,

      What device are you watching on? If it’s an iPad or mobile device the NHL is actually quite particular about those and they may not work. All NHL videos on are viewable globally though so geofencing shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Video works fine for me in Sweden. Good compilation, shows what kind of player Torres is. Add his press comments about him thinking he doesn’t need to change his game and we can see what kind of person he is too.

  12. Sadly this isn’t even the half of it — just a good collection of his dangerous hits that turned out poorly.

    Ironic that a player with a “tough” reputation conducts himself like such a coward.

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