Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NBA NHL.


Game of the night: Well, that depends on what you like: games with 13,000 goals or close OT finishes. The latter, you say? The latter it is. New York Rangers vs. the Ottawa Senators.

Let’s get to the games.

Rangers/Senators, Ottawa wins 3-2 in OT

Series: 2-2

No pictures on the scorecard: The Senators/Rangers are tied 2-2 right now, and Ottawa has thus far led zero minutes of regulation hockey. Not one, after four games.

What’s that about: Here are the results of the last seven overtime playoff games the New York Rangers have been involved in: loss, loss, loss, loss, loss, loss, loss. Ouch.

Things are looking up: Prior to last night, here are the results of the last seven home playoff games the Ottawa Senators had played: loss, loss, loss, loss, loss, loss, loss. Ouch.

“Intangibles”: Brad Richards got his points last night – two assists – but he also blocked six shots, and fired eight the other way. That’s one heck of a performance. He was also over 60% in the faceoff circle.

Black Aces: The Senators surpassed the Blackhawks by one in the coveted “team who can scratch the most players” department, putting 14 dudes in suits last night.

Snipe city: Kyle Turris wasn’t exactly Brad Richards at the dots – he won two of his 10 draws – but his wristy-snapshot over Lundqvist’s glove in overtime was about as well-placed as you can do it:

Flyers/Penguins, Pittsburgh wins 10(!)-3

Series: 3-1 Flyers

It’s been awhile: The Pens were the first team to score 10 goals in a playoff game since the Kings did it (scoring 12) against the Flamers on April 10th, 1990. 10 goals. What the hell just happened?

Bad goaltending happened: Oh, right. Incredibly, after earning the hook by stopping 18 pucks and letting five past him (for a .722 save percentage), Ilya Bryzgalov sat on the bench and watched Sergei Bobrovsky…stop 18 pucks and let five past him (for a .722 save percentage).  At least Bobrovsky is nice enough to avoid creating goalie controversy in Philly, unlike that Schneider punk in Vancouver.

Shall we watch?: Sure. All 10 Pens goals in a minute-four.

Really?: The Flyers are really working on drumming up that Penguin hate in their fanbase – they played the Shanny suspension videos (Neal/Asham) on the jumbotron at the game.

Logical, that: Zero players on the Flyers managed anything better than an even rating in the game (and only three of them did that), with Schenn and Briere leading the charge at dash-four.

Whoa: Jordan Staal’s line: Three snipes, three shots, plus two, a block, a hit, over 22 minutes played and he went 65% in the faceoff circle.

Canucks/Kings, Vancouver wins 3-1

Series: Kings lead 3-1

Your new starter: Corey Schneider was a rock for the Canucks last night, stopping 43 shots including a Dustin Brown penalty shot when the score was 2-1 in the third period. He wasn’t fooled a lick, made the save, then the Canucks scored on the next shift. Game-changer.

And still: No President’s Trophy winning had ever been swept. That still stands.

But better than Ottawa, I guess: Vancouver hadn’t led a game against the Kings since first period of the first game.

Know your role: Manny Malhotra dominated the faceoff circle, a thing nobody is shocked to read. 13/17 for 76.5%.

They were: To win, you “need your best players to be your best players.” The Sedins may have only had a point each, but as Darryl Sutter put it after that game “I actually thought we were better tonight, the difference was the play of 22 and 33.” …Those are the Sedins numbers, guys.

Swing and a miss: Anze Kopitar scored a goal courtesy a Mason Raymond missed hit that was so bad I had to mention it. It was the ol’ matador act, where Raymond, who could have played in control and defended Kopitar, tried to mow him over, Kopitar deftly stepped back and let Raymond go flying by, then went in ”unmolested” (Pierre McGuire’s phrase) and scored.

Guess which team had the puck more: The Kings out-hit the Canucks 50-26, which points to the fact that Vancouver basically had it all night.


Moving pictures, please: Ah, last night’s highlights, all wrapped up with a pretty little bow for ya. Enjoy.