Call it irony, poetic justice, karma, or just plain old bad luck. Whatever you call it, I’m sure you can find the drama in this sequence of events:

On the surface, it appears as though Henrik Sedin blatantly elbows Dustin Brown in the head, which on its own is a talking point, considering that Brown crushed Henrik (on a much cleaner play) just a few nights ago. A closer examination of the play, however, reveals that the reason Brown was on his knees and in a vulnerable position for Henrik to take advantage of in the first place is because the puck, which may have actually deflected off of Daniel Sedin’s stick, appears to catch Brown in the face just seconds earlier.

While the puck to the face is obviously accidental and part of the game, it’s pretty tough to excuse or justify Henrik’s wayward elbow.

As mentioned, Brown is on his knees, trying to get back on his feet, and is in a pretty vulnerable position, not being able to see what’s going on behind him. The Canucks have possession of the puck and are clearly on the attack, with Henrik skating to an open spot beneath the icing line. We can’t say for sure that this wasn’t an accidental collision on Henrik’s route to where ever he was going, and he does appear to look back after making contact as if he wasn’t expecting to feel anything (although he could have been admiring his damage). But as you can also clearly see, Henrik extends his arm, and even flails out his elbow towards Brown’s head, a movement that wouldn’t be very natural for a guy just skating to his spot.

Was it accidental? Was Henrik actually just trying to avoid Brown by jerking his arm, or did he know exactly what he was doing? I’ll vote on option three, but will admit that I’m not as sure about this hit as I have been with past cheap shots (and we’ve had a lot to choose from) in these playoffs.

I just hope that if Brendan Shanahan and the NHL review the evidence and do end up determining that Henrik did make voluntary contact with Brown’s head (and it does appear that way), that they treat Sedin accordingly and follow up with some sort of punishment.

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  1. boy you sure are a shitty blogger

    • Thanks for reading, Steve.

      • Watch the replay from the other angle, he doesn’t hit him with his elbow, just a backhand bitchslap.

        If anything the refs missed a roughing call, a suspension is laughable.

  2. Did you see Hank smack Dustin Brown
    When skating by while he was down?
    Mayhap he has his nasty side:
    Review the hit, then you decide.
    Of course it cannot be denied
    That Henrik’s hit was justified.
    A payback for a time before,
    ‘Twas just to even up the score!

    The Olde Coot

    • I doubt anyone can top that for most creative Backhand Shelf comment of the postseason. Putting the poetic in poetic justice.

    • So, by your own logic, Keith’s elbow to Sadin’s melon was justified since it was just payback for Sadin checking Keith in the head along the boards on a Vancouver power play. Yes?

  3. Looks to me like Brown got suckerpunched (elbowed)…apparently the only way the Sedin women can get back at Brown.

  4. Brown had turned toward Henrik as he was trying to skate by. With the game being as quick as it is, I could imagine Henrik seeing that as Brown trying to impede him, and sticking out the forearm (as players often do to protect their positioning, with one hand on the stick). Of course, we know that Brown wasn’t doing anything of the sort; he was just woozy and trying to get up after being hit with the puck.

    Tough play. Contact is definitely voluntary, but it’s more of a “get out of my way” contact than anything malicious. Not only is Henrik not that kind of player, but if it was malicious at all, it would have been a lot worse than a glancing blow/backhand.

  5. You guys seem to be forgetting that the players are supposed to be responsible for their bodies/actions. Player A gets hit by player B, his stick swings up and hits player B, player A still gets hit with a high stick. With that being said all star status = immunity so I suppose this entire conversation is moot.

  6. Why call it “karma” for a clean hit on Henrik? Karma doesn’t mean that. I’d have a lot more respect for Sedin if he’d crushed him with a legal hit.

  7. It was a week swedish love tap to the face LOL

  8. It wasn’t really damaging, but it sure looked intentional and could have wound up worse i suppose. In my mind though, a lot of these plays that get reviewed, the focal point should be the intent. The amount of damage done, and the extent of the injury should really be irrelevant if they want players to understand what is ok and and what isn’t. Targeting the head with elbows is not ok.

  9. PS… there was no elbow, watch the video again… it was a palm to the faceeee

  10. Oh man, Brown’s deliberate knock to Sedin’s head was designed to knock him down unawares.

    Henrik’s “response” if you can call it that was his way of saying “I’m not intimidated by your goon antics but I’m not gonna lose my cool.”

  11. That swot was nothing short of gentlemanly!

  12. Pure delusion by Canuck fans. I hope he gets suspended just to spite the Nuck’s fans stupidity. If it was the other way around, Brown with an elbow to the head of Henrik, I assure you these Vancouver hypocrites would be singing a very different tune right now.

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