My wife once had a bird named Spike, whom she loved endlessly. She has reminded me about this, oh, 30,000 times, as she’d like to get another bird. I’ve fought her tooth and nail on this, because….birds?

But if I could grab a bird like this…I’d be tempted (even though it’s a Canucks fan).

Via the @passittobulis twitter feed, meet Moko. Go Canucks go. Apparently.

(By the way, the Pass it to Bulis twitter account is all over the pro-Canucks YouTube videos today, which has been entertaining. Below is a video of some fancy Vancouver Canucks fingernails – odd player choices, but anyway – and here’s a video that shows you how to appropriately apply your Canucks eyeshadow.)

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  1. I’ve shot the parrot, that was easy. The nail bar might be slightly harder to ‘solve’. Amputation is the only realistic option for those harsh enough to actually sport such cuticles.

  2. The parrot is strangely reminiscent of HUMAN Canucks fans

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