This guy played a role.

Game in a Sentence:
Game five broke the mold of the series to date with low scoring, good goaltending and no march to the penalty box.


- I had to rub my eyes and make sure I was on the right channel for this game as they started off slow in comparison to the rest of this series. They had no goals, one hit post and one penalty through five minutes. Seriously, what do you think you are? Some tame rivalry like 90′s Wings/Avs? Smarten up.

- The Penguins power play penalty kill has been so bad this series it’s borderline comical. Granted the Philly power play penalty kill hasn’t exactly been roses, but the Penguins have been especially bad. Two more power play goals tonight for the Flyers and one for the Penguins. These guys are just scoring at will. Speaking of which…

They took all the goals, these guys.

- Now, in fairness, that Matt Carle goal was just bizarre. I’m not entirely sure how it got through, but it did and that was a tough break.

- Steve Sullivan is having a renaissance these last two games. Playing next to Crosby, he has looked like the Sullivan who played with the Blackhawks all those years ago. Great speed, great finish. Love Stevey and want to see him do well regardless of the jersey.

- Malkin looked better today with the puck but he has disappeared for stretches at a time which is incredibly frustrating. Couple that with his penchant for stupid penalties, like that hit on Couturier tonight, and he’s teetering on the edge of usefulness. Need to see more positive from him still.

- Also, Malkin should probably add this to his list of things not to do:

- Can we stop for a moment and appreciate how beautiful that pass was from Briere to Hartnell on the power play goal? Perfect saucer over the stick of a defender to put it on a tee for Hartnell. Perfect. This guy is something else in the playoffs.

- I think it’s pretty clear how bad Claude Giroux wants to win. A lot of people don’t like the over-the-top breaking the stick stuff after games but it was evident how frustrated Giroux was on the ice prior to that. He has put this team on his back all series and he wanted to carry them a bit further tonight. He just didn’t get the break he needed.

- I love seeing Jordan Staal on odd-man rushes because of how well he manages the goaltender and defenders that are back. Tonight was no exception as he looked off Bryzgalov and froze the defender with a look to the man up and picked his spot to score. He reminds me a lot of a good quarterback who is looking off the safety in a football game. He has been the Penguins best player so far this series.

- Tyler Kennedy. Bomb. Wow.

- Bryzgalov was good for the Flyers tonight in spite of the fact that there was plenty of injury speculation with him in goal. He can’t really be faulted for the goals he had scored against him. Unfortunately for him he didn’t come up with the mind boggling saves he came up with in the wins.

- Marc-Andre Fleury became the story of this game in many ways with several key saves down the stretch to hold Philly at bay. His save on Briere with 10 minutes to go may have been the biggest he has made this series. He got square to the puck all night and plenty of shots hit him right in the chest. His lateral movement was great and he appeared to be much more focused in this game than he has been in the series. It may be an obvious statement but I think that blowout win was great to ease the pressure off of him going forward. Now he can focus on playing goal instead of focusing on what’s going wrong.

- I literally have no idea what to expect in game six. None. I’d love if we got to see a game seven though. Let it all hang out.

My Three Stars:

1) Marc-Andre Fleury
2) Jordan Staal
3) Steve Sullivan