The news came down Saturday morning in video form (below): Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Saftey have suspended Phoenix Coyotes’ winger Raffi Torres 25 games for his hit on Marian Hossa.

They got this one right.

On its own, the “incident” was probably worth at least a handful of games (being that it was three offenses – interference, charging, and an illegal check to the head). But given Torres history with supplemental discipline (five previous run-ins, three this year), the number grew exponentially.

You wonder at some point if Shanny started to feel disrespected and take Torres’ on-ice actions personally. You just know in his prior hearings Torres has tried to make his case every time. “Awkward angle,” “moved at the last second,” “unintentional.” Maybe Shanny was just sick of being lied to, because really, the video compilation of Torres’ hits is an absolute mess. He just won’t learn.

In comparison to other recent suspensions, it looks stiff. Hell, it is stiff. But if we’re sincere about changing behaviour, suspensions like this are a good place to start. I disagree with Nick Kypreos, who tweeted earlier today it still won’t change behaviour. Enough of these rulings will (that’s a lot of money to forfeit), and hey, look at Matt Cooke. Not saying he’ll never do something cheap again, but he’s proved to me that he’s at least tried to straighten up and fly right.

There’s always something to bitch about when these suspensions drop: consistency, length, the in-game refs, whatever, but hopefully this is our start, hopefully this can be the new measuring stick. Hopefully the next time Brendan Shanahan has to make a video he keeps his foot on the gas. And if not, well…at least he got this one right. Arguing a suspension is too severe is better than the opposite, as far as I’m concerned.

Torres is going to be passing up $21,341.46 for every regular season game he misses, which hurts. But, more playoff games for Phoenix equals less regular season games missed, and NHLers don’t get paid in playoffs. Can you imagine what a Coyotes fan he’s going to be the rest of playoffs? He’s missed one game already; if the Coyotes manage to go the distance in all four series, that’ll be exactly 25 games (smart of Shanny to ensure there’s no chance he could see another shift in playoffs and help his team), so he wouldn’t lose a penny. Every playoff game they play, he saves over 20k.

This suspension is tied for the second-longest all time, putting it just ahead of the 23 games Marty McSorely got for two-handing Donald Brashear in the head baseball style, and behind Chris Simon’s leg stomp on Jarko Ruttu (30 games). Simon also got 25 games for a slash on Ryan Hollweg.

Here’s the video for further explanation.

Oh, and if you recall, he also released this video:

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  1. Can we now stop referring to players playing “on the edge” and instead use real term… “Dirty”?

  2. I just can’t agree with this at all. 25 games? For that? The second longest suspension in NHL history for that? Fuck off. Based on this Chara should have been gone for life after the Pacioretty hit.

    This is just absurd. It was a bit late, a bit of a jump (though interestingly he appeared to glide into the hit, so charging would be purely based on the jump and not the approach)… 2-4 games I can understand, but 25?

    It’s ludicrous. If Shanahan was going to be this harsh on illegal hits he should have been doing it *all* season. You don’t just change rules in the playoffs (see Hull’s skate in the crease for more details). I guarantee there have been 15-30 hits this season worse than this, and obviously they haven’t resulted in suspensions anywhere near 25 games.

    • the chara hit was not even bad dude Pacioretty is a bitch and too small was a clean hit maybe interference…gain some more weight and maybe he would have a chance

      • Pacioretty is big for a human, even by NHL standards. He’s just not Chara. And that hit was as dirty as they get. May god have mercy on your soul.

    • Its not just for this hit. Torres is a repeat offender who intentionally does whatever the F**K he wants and the suspensions should keep increasing in length until he get it, or he should be kicked out of the league.

      Im still not sure why he doesn’t ge the sh*t beaten out of him every game, though.

      • When he was suspended at the end of last season, he came back and specifically said, “I’m not changing my game,” and that very first game back was when he blew up Seabrook behind the net.

        Sure 25 games is harsh, but I like to think of it as five games each for the last four times he got off scot-free, plus the five for this one.

  3. that $21,341.46 figure is only for every regular season game he misses, i believe under the current cba he forfeits $0 for every playoff game missed. wysh covered that loophole in his post earlier.

    • Yup, which is why I wrote that. Every playoff game the Coyotes play, he misses one less regular season game, saves 20k+.

      Kevin Smith – it’s really about his history and unwillingness to learn, not that hit.

      • apparently i dont read so good

      • Fair enough, but I still don’t feel that it’s worth 25 games. There’s plenty of players with a history of dangerous and/or dirty hits who are continuing with it. The only difference I can see is that Torres sent a star player to hospital, whereas most dangerous and/or dirty hits don’t actually result in an injury.

        For example, last years Aaron Rome hit was not terribly different than one by Brad Marchand on Scott Gomez. The differences? Rome’s was a bit later (after the pass was made), Marchand aimed for the head, and Gomez got up right away. If we look at intent and history I would say Marchand should have been suspended longer than Rome, but because Gomez was fine it merely resulted in 2min.

  4. too long! too me what Asham did was way worse. that was not a hockey play, cross-check and punch to the head. This was reckless but it still was a hockey play. 5-7 games should of been the most he got.

  5. After watching that Torres “greatest hits” video, 25 games seems right to me after my initial reaction that it was too long. I understand the argument that there have been a lot of hits worse than this one which have received less (Duncan Keith comes to mind), but that is not a good argument for saying that this should have gotten less games. The other egregious hits should be getting MORE, but lets admit that this ruling was overdue. If anyone who has earned the right to be the NHL’s scapegoat, its him.

  6. I rally hope Shanny keeps making his suspension videos that detailed. And even if I have a soft spot for the Coyotes, I think the suspension was good considering the reasons for it.

    Also, the Coyotes response from Maloney was classy, I really wish the rest of the clubs would do the same thing and simply accept the suspensions instead of whining and having double standards. The next time a Coyote is hurt on a play and they call for a suspension, I won’t call them hypocrites like the rest of the NHL (including my Rangers).

  7. happy to see ” repeat offenders ” finally getting something they deserve. I wouldn’t agree with the length if it were not for how many times Torres has played dirty games. Looks good on him

  8. Are you kidding me???? 25 games for a “controversial” hit!!! Pathetic. Insurance companies are running the league led by their pon Shanahan – poor guy; he sold out to the man. Where did the nhl go. RIP NHL.

    • It’s not controversial, it’s plain fact. He broke 3 NHL rules in the process of going for a unnecessary hit. Hossa was out of the play by the time Torres went at him. He left his feet. He went for the head.

      It’s not a “hockey play”. Had Torres kept his feet on the ice, maybe he doesn’t get suspended. The fact that Hossa didn’t have the puck and was hit in the head, followed with Torres having a rap sheet makes this a fair suspension. Matt Cooke seemed to get it, now Torres has a chance.

  9. Who cares what the number of games is, is anyone really upset about not being able to see Raffi-fucking-Torres not play hockey for a while?

    Get off your soap boxes and give your head a shake.


  10. That fact that this is a longer suspension than what McSorley got, which brought assault charges in court just shows you how undeserving this was, 10 game should of been fine, nice time to make a point, in the playoffs, I believe Duncan Keith broke those 3 rules when he hit Sedin, but of course Keith only got 5 games because Duncan Keith has never hit anyone high before, maybe Brendan is a racist and doesn’t like Hispanics? there have been worse hits all year long, but Shanny is gonna make a statment by giving this ridiculas suspension.

    PS. Wonder if he would suspend a star player for making the same hit….didn’t think so.

    • If you’re going to throw the racist card, bring in some facts to back it up. The game has changed since what happened with McSorely. Hits to the head aren’t tolerated nearly as much. Did Keith leave his feet when he hit Sedin? Does Keith have the rap sheet of Torres? Didn’t think so.

  11. maybe we should see the team face some sort of discipline based on the frequency of these penalties..not just for the so called repeat offender but for the team that has multiply offenders .. for all you know there could be teams out there working with the new orleans style incentive options

  12. 25 games!! Just pathetic. What’s next 8 games for him punching someone. Maybe my buddies are right saying the NHL is going soft. I think ryans point of 10 games to make a point is pretty close to ligit. Not 25 games!!!

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