I picked this picture for a reason.

This is an interesting time of pandemonium in the province of Quebec. The Montreal Canadiens are in relative shambles after the disaster that was the Martin-Gauthier era. Quebec City has put itself on the market as a house looking for a tenant. For the vast range of emotion that has made its way through the area there is an underlying optimism that points to a scene ready to change, ready to move on, ready to improve.

Not shockingly, Patrick Roy, the man who was the face of hockey in Quebec for (literally) the duration of his career is at the forefront of this transition. Not only is he being linked to the coaching and GM positions available in Montreal, he is also being tied to the role(s) with the team that seems to be inevitably returning to Quebec City.

For what it’s worth, Roy has enjoyed a fair amount of success at the helm of the Quebec Remparts so it’s not as though he’s new to the player personnel or coaching side of things. This isn’t a guy who is looking to learn, this is a guy who is looking to take the next step.

On Friday he pointed out that he would happily make the jump to the NHL.

Now, while I’m sure Roy is fully capable of being, at the very least, a competent member of an NHL organization either in a personnel or coaching capacity, I have to wonder that if he would be a fit in Montreal specifically. This is a team that HAS to rebuilt going forward and as a premier organization, I can’t imagine that their money is best spent on someone who is new to the intricacies of the NHL from that side of things. Let’s also not forget the problems that have arisen in recent years with Montreal hiring ex-players for these roles. It’s tough to tell a man whose name is in the rafters that he needs to do a better job. Buffalo’s coaching has left much to be desired at times but it’s no easy task for the Sabres to tell Lindy Ruff to right the ship. Simply put, the man is beloved. The Habs have tried and failed employing their legends. It’s time for a new approach.

The Quebec situation, as I see it, would be a more appropriate situation for Roy to get his start. If they get a team – and it appears that they will – they will have the opportunity to set the tone for the organization. They have no prior legacy to live up to, they will be getting a clean slate. What better way to re-establish yourself as a team in the region than by installing one of the greatest stars to ever come from there as a figurehead? It’s ironic to think that Roy won a relocated Nordiques franchise multiple Cups in Colorado. You may as well give him the chance (if it arises) to do the same in-house behind the bench or in the press box.

Make no mistake about it, Patrick Roy will be an NHL coach or executive, it’s just a matter of where. Ideally for all parties involved it will be the situation that clicks.

How do you see Patrick Roy’s NHL future panning out?