If you recall...

You may recall that an issue which popped up last weekend was Daniel Alfredsson being knocked out of game two between the Senators and Rangers after taking an elbow to the head from Carl Hagelin. It was unclear whether or not Alfredsson would be back this series or this playoffs, assuming he would be back ever again in his career. He’s year to year as it is and a bad concussion wouldn’t help his long term outlook much.

Alfredsson skated today for the second day in a row and it sounds like he’s just about ready to come back.


This is obviously a huge boost for the Senators as they look to close out this series against the Rangers. What’s interesting is the number of people who reach for the “player should be suspended as long as the victim is injured” argument may have gotten what they want as Hagelin will return in game six, and Alfie could be right there with him. Just an interesting turn of events in a series which has offered more than many expected.

Do you think an Alfredsson return puts the Sens into the second round?