Anyone else notice that Alfie is starting to look like a red-headed version of Captain Smith in James Cameron's Titanic?


Tonight’s Game 6 between the Senators and Rangers marked the return to the lineup of Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson, and the louder than usual fans in Ottawa gave him quite the welcome:

Apparently this is something fans in Ottawa have been doing recently to honour Alfredsson. Three times a night (or more depending how deep into overtime a playoff game goes), at the 8:49 mark of each period, this happens.

The significance is that the 8:49 mark leaves 11:11 remaining in the period, which obviously coincides with Alfredsson’s number. Fans then chant down from 11 to one, before breaking into an “Alfie, Alfie, Alfie” chant.

What do you think of it? And do you think we just saw Alfredsson on the ice in Ottawa for the last time?

If so, I don’t think he wanted to go out like this:

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  1. Gotta admit, I’m a Bruins fan. But there is something about this particular chant for #11 that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s certainly one of the better chants in the league, and beat the piss out of anything destined for Crosby/Ovechkin.

  2. That was so lame.

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