Two years into his 12-year, 64 million dollar extension, Roberto Luongo found himself on the pine behind Corey Schneider during the Canucks’ last three playoff games. This is a dilly of a pickle for Vancouver.

The headline says it all, really, but I’ll let Elliotte Friedman (a source far more credible than I) drop the news on you:

See? Told you.

While the “if asked” part is worth something…

…the statement isn’t meaningless. Plenty of guys would’ve dug their heels in and said “Nope, I’m a Vancouver Canuck for life.”

Here’s a few more relevant quotes from other credible people I follow before I weigh in:

Well then.

At first glance, the comment sounds like it carries a deeper message. It almost sounds like he wants to get the eff out of Dodge, given that he didn’t give the political “I want to win here” style answer. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

My guess:

I think Roberto Luongo has just given up trying to be the Mr. Perfect everyone wants him to be in Vancouver. His contract turned him into a villian (apparently), and it feels like he’s given up trying to please everyone. He’s just seems to be rolling with the punches lately.

You want me to sit on the bench during some tough games? Fine. You want me to play back-up during the playoffs? Kay. You want me to start? Happily. WHATEVER.

The fans have booed him, the media has worked him, and it’s like he’s become an exasperated mother of four boys just existing, facing whatever comes next head-on. Oh look, grape juice on the carpet. He just seems beaten down and tired of fighting.

Yes, I would waive my no-trade clause if asked, because if I’m asked, I’m already traded. I think all he proved is that he’s not completely naive.

He recognizes that Corey Schneider can’t do this…

…on the bench forever with his level of talent, so something’s gotta give. (That video is awesome.)

Roberto Luongo seems like a pretty good guy. I think he said he’ll waive his NTC if asked because he’s had enough and isn’t going to make himself crazy over things he can’t control anymore. If a trade is another fork in his road, he’ll pick a direction and walk.

I wouldn’t read too much into it just yet.

And hell:

He made some great points.