Rough night

The problem with high sticks is they’re a little haphazard. Actually, not a little, a lot. They tend to mess up whatever they make contact with. They cut your face, they bruise your face, they do a lot of generally unsavory things to your face or facial area. Peter Harrold learned that the hard way, only in more of a Dave Manson fashion.

For those of you who may be foggy, Dave Manson was a big, bruising NHL defenseman. At a point in his career he became known as “The Hoarse Whisperer” because a punch to the throat from one Sergio Momesso which permanently damaged his vocal chords and meant that Manson could barely raise his voice above a whisper volume.

Harrold has his Manson moment in today’s game against the Panthers and Tomas Kopecky played the role of Momesso as his stick popped up in front of the Devils net and speared Harrold right in the throat.


Not the best thing I’ve ever seen.

What’s the worst accidental high stick you’ve ever seen? (Berard-Hossa doesn’t count)