Well, we all saw Daniel Alfredsson lose his mind last night and thought “What on earth was that?” Alfredsson went back to the bench, scared the living daylights out of Colin Greening and beat the hell out of his stick before sitting down in a disgruntled manner.

The outburst left us cold with many questions. Namely, Why Alfie, Why?

Here’s the incident in question:

A little nuts right? Not really that nuts. I’m being facetious. Here’s Alfie explaining what happened:

Basically, Alfredsson didn’t like that he put himself in a vulnerable position and Mitchell took advantage of it. I’m willing to say that this is more or less an indictment of how confident he is in his health at this point. You don’t see many guys recently off concussions who flip out like that because they put themselves in a difficult spot. It’ll be interesting to monitor his play to see if he’s timid going into the tricky spots on the ice.

Do you think Alfredsson is healthy enough to make an impact?