Complaining about travel mishaps has become a faux pas of sorts, but I think this is legit: the plane I was supposed to take from Kelowna back to Phoenix “hit a bird” on the way in (I’m assuming a Condor or Pterodactyl), and was rendered unsafe to fly. So, I’m still in Kelowna, BC for another day.

I can’t do the podcast (properly) from here, so you guys are being treated to one of theScore’s fine TV personalities, Brendan Dunlop, as Pizzo’s co-host. He’s great, so please do enjoy.

They discussed:

* The high-flying offense of the Phoenix Coyotes

* Danny Briere’s playoff success

* Rangers/Caps, Kings/Blues, Coyotes/Preds, Flyers/Devils…you know, playoffs

* The usual Monday edition of “Jackie”

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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