That face.

When David Clarkson scored in tonight’s game two affair against the Philadelphia Flyers, he decided to do something that is generally considered a no-no in sports. He celebrated with props.

This is frowned upon.

Perhaps the most famous example of celebrating with props is this:

Poor sportsmanship indeed, cranky, outraged commentary team.

You will also recall that Alexander Ovechkin also took a celebration over the top that involved props. Granted it was a hockey stick, but still. Props, dammit!

Which of course provoked more cranky outrage.

“Alex, that’s his name right?”

Now, this celebration is categorically different from the rest of the above in that he just kinda flopped on top of the net and enjoyed the moment. And by enjoyed the moment, he really kinda milked it a little bit. He swam, and flew and soaked up all the sunshine that there was amidst the wrath of Philadelphia’s hockey faithful. Good on ya, David Clarkson, I would have loved to experience that.

In case you missed it…

Looks a little bit like this, no?

The point of this is, even though it’s the playoffs, it’s still hockey. Hockey is fun. Have some.

Here’s the direct equivalent to Clarkson’s celly in another sport.

This guy.

If that didn’t do it for you, maybe this will – from

This is what I like to do on nights when there’s only one game on. I encourage you to do the same.

What’s your favorite celebration from a hockey game?