They will win the twitter war.

The L.A. Kings have been causing quite the riot on twitter these days, what with chirping their opponents and proclaiming their own awesomeness and whatnot. It’s really been quite a ride. I don’t know about you but I think it beats the team accounts that just tweet out their starting line up that day and RT their fanboys who just make stupid hashtags as a tribute to their favorite scrub player. Or, the teams that RT their fanboys who tweet how much they think their favorite team will win by at the end of March, three weeks after they were eliminated from the playoffs…

You know who you are.

At any rate, the Kings have been having a field day ahead of their game two match up against the St. Louis Blues, and decided to push their man in the NHL13 cover race, Anze Kopitar, on twitter. Conveniently, Kopitar is matched up against Blues star and super pest, David Perron. The Kings pumped up their man online and there was some predictable backlash.

Edited for the kids.

(Thanks to Reddit Hockey for the screencap)

Obviously the Canucks fans who followed them in the midst of their series haven’t been any happier with them since they exited the playoffs. In fairness, Perron, as I was informed by a knowledgeable Backhand Shelf commenter, wears his visor for concussion purposes, but who doesn’t love a little sass?

It didn’t stop there though, as the Kings decided to throw a jab-hook combo at the latest topic of the day with this gem.

Well played, Kings PR. Well played.

What are your thoughts on the sassy social media account? I’m entertained. Are you?

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  1. I love it, the nhl has musseled this kinda banter for quite some time now, its nice to see a little off the ice edge being brought back to the playoffs.

  2. More “official” twitter / PR accounts need to be this honest. The more they keep this up, the better.

  3. I absolutely love it. Why else would I be following the Kings Twitter?

    I think they balance it well, really toeing the line.

  4. I’m a Sharks fan so I have a natural hatred for the Kings, but the Kings Twitter wins the Stanley Cup of Twitter in a 16-game sweep.

  5. Agreed. They win the twitter war, hands down. I wish more official accounts had this much fun. I unfollowed their account when the Canucks lost (okay, out of spite. I didn’t want to have it shoved in my face too much) but I’m going to have to refollow if only because they are highly entertaining. 16 Game Twitter Sweep for LA!

  6. I said it during game 2, and I’ll say it again: there needs to be a formal one tinted visor per team rule in the NHL. Blues are just not abiding by the unwritten code of the game. and @LAKings on the twit is awesome (undefeated even). the Blows will try to stay dirty, but can’t say it’ll help. let’s just try to get it done in 5 or less, Darryl. or are they going for some kind of record for road wins.

    well on that note….*dials St. Louis morning radio station* Halaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

  7. I think it’s great. The LA Kings twitter account really walks the fence but that’s what make its great. Good banter and pokes without being. . .wait for it. . .gutless.

  8. Win. Red Wings fans pulling for Kings now!

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