Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


I’ll get right to the games, there’s a lot of numbers today.

New York/Washington, Rangers won in TRIPLE overtime

Series: 2-1 Rangers

Marathon: The story of the game was the sheer length: it went six periods, totaling 114 minutes and 41 second. That makes it the third longest game in Washington Capitals history, and fifth longest in Rangers history (20th longest all-time all-teams). Marian Gaborik got the winner for the Rangers, scoring his first goal since Game 1 of the first round.

Major minutes: Ryan McDonagh played almost half the game, playing 53:17, which sounds juuust a bit tiring. It’s even more tiring when people hit you like this:

But, he got up and kept trucking. His great showing included 8 blocked shots.

Ovy’s ice: Hunter actually let Ovechkin play last night – he got over 20 minutes of ice in regulation (he had surpassed his previous game’s total after two periods), and ended up with over 35 minutes overall. Funny, he had less shots (5) last night than he did in 13 minutes the game before (7). He also dinged one off the post past Lundqvist after stealing the puck in OT, which brought the goal horn, spotlights and all to turn on. So close, yet so far away.

Fine showings: Both goalies were dynamite, repeatedly snagging shots through traffic and holding on. Lundqvist made 45 saves, while Holtby made 47 (Holtby’s parents, incidentally, became the stars of the telecast. Great hockey parents).

Exhausting: Stu Bickell played 3:24 last night. He must’ve been frozen on the bench. Not like, cold, but literally frozen to it.

Salt, meet wound: For a quick piece of whimsy, this happened to Karl Alzner. He came home after the game and saw…


Bangin’ bodies: Brian Boyle threw nine big hits, as did Alexander Ovechkin to lead the charge. Oh wait, nevermind – Ryan Callahan and Matt Hendricks both totalled 11 hits. How’s everyone’s shoulders this morning, falling off? Cool, tape ‘em back on, we play in two days.

Moving pictures: For those of you who couldn’t stay up, here’s what it looked like:


Predators/Coyotes, Nashville won 2-0

Series: 2-1 Phoenix

We got this: No Radulov, no Kostitsyn, no problem. The Preds got their first win of the series without their two stars, which lead the inevitable – us hearing word today that there’s no guarantee Barry Trotz will insert the two players back into the lineup tomorrow. Hey, that’s the risk you run when you let someone take your job for a night, Tootoo looked great (five hits).

Rock solid: Pekka Rinne got his first ever post season shut out on 32 saves. It also happened to be the first post-season shutout the Preds have had since April 13th, 2004.

Hot start: Nashville scored both their goals in the early going, and it looked like they could blow Phoenix out of the water, but the Yotes shut it down pretty good – they didn’t give up a goal in the final 50+ minutes.

 Not for lack of trying: Shane Doan was full steam ahead last night – no points (obviously in a shutout), but he did rack up five shots and five hits.

There for a reason: Paul Gaustad was one of the best faceoff men in the NHL this season, and was brought in because of that. He went nearly 70% on his 22 draws last night (winning 15), so the Preds have to like that.

Still in it: Phoenix had a two-man advantage late in the third and had some amazing chances – they say your best penalty killer has to be your goalie, and Pekka Rinne was that.

Slightly more than Bickell: If the Preds used Gaustad to win crucial draws, then I’m guessing he spent some time on the ice last night with Shea Weber and Ryan Suter. Both played within a handful of seconds of 28 minutes, roughly eight of which was on the PP.

Back to life, back to reality: Phew, the series finally got back to what we expected it to be – after totaling 15 goals in the first two games, last night got back to the defensive, slog-it-out style series we expected. Which…isn’t exactly thrilling.

Moving pictures: The good news is, we clipped the best part of the game for you – enjoy: