While football is considered a “game of inches,” it often amazes me how fine the line is between a common play and disaster in a game as quick and as powerful as pro hockey. Perhaps no play defines that fine line like this half collision between Anton Volchenkov and Matt Read during last night’s Devils/Flyers game.

The sequence of events begins with Read misplaying a pass coming out of his own zone, which leads to his head being slightly down as he observes where the mishandled puck is off to. Next, you see Volchenkov target Read and get his hands/forearms/elbows up. As you may notice, the only reason Read’s head wasn’t obliterated is because he appears to catch Volchenkov coming just in time, and begins to turtle, for lack of a better term.

As for the hit itself, Volchenkov appeared to leave his feet and target the head, but at the same time, one could argue that it only looks like the head was targeted because Read got low, and Volchenkov may have only left the ice to get over a limbo-ing Read.

It ended up looking like a monstrous hit anyway, but as I stated up top, it amazes me how fine the line is between your average big hit, which this turned out to be, and a collision of epic proportions. Had Volchenkov and Read been just inches this way or that way, the hit could have been absolutely devastating.

Such is the case with the fastest game on earth.

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