Some players do some things better than others – Chara has a harder slapshot than Crosby, Datsyuk has better dangles than Heatley, Giroux does everything better than you. Well, here at theScore I think we’ve figured out Chris Stewart’s strengh: going Backhand Shelf

He isn’t quite in the league of the NHL’s best, Frans Nielsen, but he’s certainly making a case for himself.

Here’s a video of Chris Stewart on the backhand from the left side. These snipes might as well be replays.

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  1. Pretty awesome. As an Avalanche fan I’m puzzled by a lot of the personnel moves over the last couple of (okay, ten or twelve) seasons, but letting Chris Stewart go is one of the ones that has me #SMDH.

  2. Another oddity regarding last night’s twitter exchange, is that Kris Russel was on the ice for 2 of the 3 goals in this video.. One for & One against… #Who’dHealthyScratchThem?

  3. I want to see this guy’s curve. That first goal, backhand toe drag+ backhand shelf, very slick

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