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The terms “overrated” and “underrated” are thrown around far too much these days. So much so that they’re beginning to lose their meaning. It’s like calling somebody a hipster; it can mean so many things that it’s becoming utterly meaningless. Or maybe I’m just tired of being called a hipster. The glasses make me look cool, okay? (I don’t actually wear glasses. I made that up. Or did I?). Players can be so overrated that people start getting tired of them and then they become underrated and players can be so underrated that all people do is talk about how underrated they are and then they become overrated and force people like me to write long run-on sentences.


That being said, while combing through box scores in the crawl space that Bourne and Pizzo put me in so I find them their numbers faster, I came to a realization. Anze Kopitar is really underrated.

I know, now that I’ve said it he becomes overrated and…let’s not go back to the run-on sentence. We get it. But, seriously, Kopitar does great work night in, night out and doesn’t get the credit he so rightly deserves. His point totals for the last three years? 81, 73 & 76. In the playoffs so far he has 8 points in 8 games and is a whopping +7 (!). Granted, the way they’re playing, if I threw a Kings jersey on I could probably score a couple goals and I can’t even skate.

Now, I know, it’s kind of a stretch to call a guy who’s getting paid $47.6 million and is an all-star underrated but he’s been totally lost in the talk of the best players in the league. While we all spent a week wondering if Claude Giroux could stake claim to the mantle of “best player in the world” Kopitar was doing his thing. Now, that’s not to say Kopitar is anywhere near Crosby, Malkin or even Giroux but he’s closer than the credit he gets would suggest.

In fact, that’s kind of the crazy thing about this Kings team – almost the entire roster is underrated. Nobody on this team not named Carter, Richards or Quick gets the star treatment. Even Drew Doughty fell out of view when he submitted a lackluster season. I mean, how many of you took Justin Williams in your playoff pools? (The correct answer is none of you. Because that would have been fucking insane). He’s put up 7 points though, good enough to be tied for 6th in scoring.

Look, we know this Kings team is good. My not-at-all-bold-because-we’re-three-weeks-into-the-playoffs prediction is that they’ll be hoisting the Cup. And if that is the case, maybe we should start to learn some of their names. I suggest starting with Slava Voynov. Because I find him hilarious. Really couldn’t tell you why.

Links To The Past


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  1. Kings fan here. Agree that kopitar isn’t near Crosby, Malkin, giroux, etc but he’s been our best offensive, maybe all-around best player for years (not including quick. And Richards physical play makes for a great leader and captain brown has stepped up big time this post season.) after game 3 win vs. Vancouver, there was litteraly 1 mention of the kings on sportscenter by Barry melrose while talking about the Canucks. After game 3 win vs. blues, only pti had a odds-maker bit on the kings. Nothing from dlhq, ath, and I didn’t bother watching sportscenter. An 8 seed up 3-0 on #1 and #2 seeds and nothing. East coast bias. I understand that NY, Wash, Pitt, Philly, Bos, are big markets but when an 8 seed is dominating like that, I’d expect a little attention. And west coast teams like Van and SJ have gotten more the years they were contending. Is it just an LA thing?

    • Your first mistake watching ESPN for hockey coverage… Hope you’re still not waiting for them to pay tribute to Lokomotiv… (insert Diane’s puzzled face)

  2. Fighting Sioux, well done… well done

  3. To fall right in with your line of reasoning, the Kings were greatly hyped up at the beginning of the season as Pacific and wester conference favorites. The offense struggled mightily, and any recognition they were due to receive dwindled (they’re over rated). Even Quick, who played stellar all season, was criminally under rated until the trade deadline push when teams and analysts started taking notice as they crept back into pacific division contention. But now they’re just an 8 seed so nobody gives them the benefit of the doubt because they are sitting in 8 and hardly anybody had watched them play over that last month long span (under rated).

    Now the Kings have destroyed, not just beaten, the top 2 seeds in the west and are playing great hockey. So, it’s kind of hard to ignore them now since there aren’t very many teams left to watch anyways.

    So, it’s no wonder Kopitar is an under rated player to begin with given the circumstances of this season, coupled with playing for a team on the west coast that hasn’t done much in the last 2 decades. However, stats aside, anybody who has watched his game on a regular basis knows how good he is. He should be in the discussion for Selke, even if he isn’t getting the nod for top 3 consideration. He plays in every situation. He’s the team’s top scorer. And he’s starting to hit his prime. If you didn’t know who he was before, you’re going to hear his name a lot more over the next few seasons.

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