Weekend Links: Pale Green Things


I saw something very odd yesterday. Like a child on the boughs of Scotland who catches a glimpse of what might be the Loch Ness Monster, I wasn’t sure I believed my own eyes. Could it be true? Could I really have seen what I thought I saw? After checking the most reputable of sources (the Internet) I was able to prove that, yes, in fact, my eyes had not deceived me, what I had seen was true.

Mike Green scored a winning goal in the 2012 playoffs.

That’s not a typo.

I didn’t believe it either when this miraculous event first occurred. “Surely, something must be off,” I said to myself, “maybe Dennis Wideman switched jerseys as some sort of elaborate scheme to throw off the Rangers like in Mighty Ducks 2. Was that a knuckle puck?”

It wasn’t a knuckle puck. It was in fact Mike Green.

I know my amazement might strike some as odd. After all, Green had 31 goals just 3 seasons ago. It shouldn’t be that surprising that he was able to put a puck in the back of the net. However, Mike Green only potted 3 goals all season, two of them in one game on October 22. Yes, his season was plagued with injuries but it was a steep decline from what’s expected of one of the “Young Guns”.

For me, personally, Green’s decline began in 2010. I remember sitting in my living room with my friend and waiting for the announcement of Canada’s Olympic roster. We had been making bets between ourselves for months leading up to the announcement. “Who would make the team? Who would shore up the defense to make sure that Canada did not repeat the mistakes of 2006?”

Mike Green had been a lock on our potential rosters. There was no way he’d be left off. We were sure of it. Turns out, we were idiots. Mike Green didn’t make the team. We all know how the Olympics turned out and I wouldn’t change a thing. But the entire tournament I wondered why Green wasn’t on the team. Turns out, his next two seasons would provide the answer, once again with the caveat that both seasons were full of injuries for the once-star defenseman.

Mike Green now has two goals in these still-young playoffs. It’s possible he’s now healthy and is finally rounding back into form. I hope this is the case. I enjoy watching Mike Green play. And I hope he can once again become a player whose goals are not a thing of myth.

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