Claude Giroux has been suspended one game for his hit on Danius Zubrus in Game 4, leaving the Flyers without playoffs’ leading scoring for Game 5. That’s pretty tough timing for a team a loss away from being eliminated.

Sometimes with certain hits I’ll try to get ahead of the curve and pre-write an article. I missed on this one, apparently.

I understand that technically, yes, the hit should be a suspension. It was a hit to the head (could argue blindside) and late. It just seemed to me that:

A) It didn’t look all that vicious, and in hockey terms, that eyeball test matters.

B) He has no prior history of ever being fined/suspended.

C) He’s a star (shouldn’t matter, does).

D) It’s a playoff elimination game (shouldn’t matter, does).

E) We’ve seen similar hits with different results – Malkin was cleared for a comparable hit in round one.

But, Brendan Shanahan saw it differently. And after watching his video, it’s tough to disagree with him.

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  1. Oh good, another item to add to the list of things fans will blame when the Flyers get bounced in game 5.

  2. The right call based on Giroux’s antics. Hopefully the officials are reminded about the trapezoid rule so that they can call an infraction the next time it happens.

  3. You are correct. No way that should have been a suspension. Shanahan is an idiot, anyone with half a brain can make the wrong call to suspend a player and then justify it with a stupid video afterword. How in the name of god is one guy allowed to make or break teams seasons with an arbitrary decision, with a high school film project quality video to ensue in an attempt to justify his flawed logic. What happend to setting a precedent and sticking to it?(If Weber isn’t suspended for headslam, Malkin for worse play, etc., etc…how is this play remotely suspendable?) This playoffs has unfortunately proven to be more about this morons questionable supensions or lack thereof, and horrible jobs by refs aaand linesman (stupid amount of blown offsides and icing too) How hard is it NHL? Players need a standard to identify with, how can that exist at this point?
    But hey, as long as we ensure we can keep that team in Pheonix so it can lose money every year it’s just another winning day for the NHL, and as usual the players and fans are left to scratch our heads and wonder what happend. I think watching a broadcast on NBC right now summarizes all that is wrong with the NHL. Coaches giving interviews mid period in the god damn playoffs, idiots who have no clue about hockey making up terms such as reverse check and dasher boards, and of course Pierre Maguire… who without the “pierre Maguire drinking game” would be untollerable!

    • Wow you’re kind of all over the place with this rant. What about Neal’s suspension? That’s the real comparison.

      Maybe if Giroux didn’t want to be suspended, he shouldn’t throw a tantrum and a shoulder into the side of a player’s head on national TV.

      If Weber was a “blown call” as everyone agrees, why should every suspension be held to that?

      • Pretty hard to target someone’s head who is a half foot taller than you, zubrus should be suspended for diving… He seemed fine pretty soon after we all got the point when he rolled around like someone shot him , if you watch the replay he did not contact his head first, he hit his far shoulder as he made the correct play in cutting off his path of travel. Zubrus should never be in the position to be hit in the head by a guy that much shorter . I don’t think this play is remotely what it has been blown up to be because giroux’s can be seen segueing what was a non judgement call that was missed by the refs. I would argue that too

        • I agree with most of what you say Bob…..he should never have been suspended (based on what Shanny has done so far in the playoffs).

          What is this Pierre Maguire drinking game that you speak of?? I can’t stand the guy and wish he’d get a real job so I wouldn’t have to see him on TV any more.

          • Courtesy…
            The Offical Pierre Mcguire Drinking game:

            * Dion Phaneuf
            * Mike Richards
            * Carey Price
            * Jonathen Toews
            * Monster
            * Whaaamo!
            * El- Kabong
            * Real Deal
            * Puck Poise
            * Big Body Presence
            * Active Stick
            * Calls a Player “Special” or ” a fine young man”
            * Wow!
            * Tenacity


            * Giggles at any point during the game(this just made me burst out ****ing laughing for no reason.)
            * Pronounces a European club team using European Pronounciation
            * Mentions people he met in Europe
            * Says ” Team ‘X’ Scouting staff did a great job finding this player”
            * Says Something extremeley gay (EX. Big Stick…SHOWERS….player with shirt off)
            * Goes nuts when a team, has two many men
            * WJC host city is “Beautiful” or “Filled with great people”
            * If a stick breaks and Pierre rambles on about one-piece sticks
            * Says welcome to the Show (Ex. Welcome to the Crosby Show)
            * Cuts off Gord Miller (Ex. WJC 2009 Eberle ties the game)
            * If pierre says “Time and Space”
            * If Pierre goes on about a players Junior Career
            * If Pierre says “Its Hammer Time”
            * Says “Sheer Larcany”


            * Mentions a Staal brother who isn’t playing
            * Mentions a Sutter brother who isn’t involved in the game
            * Says the Game is a Classic!
            * says ” Team X should be so exicted about havng this guy he is gonna be great for them down the road”.
            * If Pierre says “Roof Daddy”
            * If Pierre goes ” Thats a Double Dion”
            * Pierre uses his famous line “He suckin’ dirty pond water”
            * “x” player is oozing with hockey sense.”
            * drink if pierre uses 3 or more adjectives consecutively to describe a player or a team… Ie: “Size, athleticism, composure etc…” extra drinks if he uses terms such as “big body presence” that are already on the chart as said adjectives.

            CHUG A BEER IF PIERRE:

            * Has an Orgasm at the mic (Ex. Dustin Tokarski save WJC 2009)
            * If Pierre ruins the moment aka butchers the call (Ex. WJC 2009 Eberle ties the game with 5.5 seconds left…. Gord Miller: Can you Believe it!..Pierre: I can!
            * Says ” Thats vintage X” (Ex. Thats Vintage Jake Allen)

            this guys a clown..had to post this as most of you are beer swirling hockey nuts! as I am minus the beer swirling part.

  4. I’m still waiting to see a real video of Malkin’s “worse” play that he “got away with.” The only video I saw has a camera from center ice and it looks like he could have gotten the head. He could have gotten the shoulder or back as well. Cannot tell. Giroux’s hit, you could tell he got all head. He missed the rest of his body completely.

  5. Wow, what a horrible horrible call.. Seriously, I’m not even biased, I could care less who wins this series. I could make a video and give much better reasons as to why that shouldn’t be a suspension.. Don’t be swayed by Shanahan’s ability to read.

  6. Late hit? Check
    Targeted head? Check
    End of period? Check
    Best player in the world? lol

  7. I hate the argument of “he has no history of prior fines or suspensions”. So what? That means he gets a free pass for life? How’s a player supposed to ever start developing a track record if he never gets punished on the premise of “he’s never been penalized before!”. From now on he’ll be a repeat offender. Good. Because he plays as much on the edge as anybody else.

    I love that the Flyers and their fans have been reduced to hypocritical whining and feeble excuses after the public greasefire they started slinging mud at the Penguins. Now it’s coming back around. Gonna be sweet watching Richards and Carter win the Cup. A fitting and satisfying slap in the face.

  8. The problem isnt the suspension, its how short it is. What more do we need to find “intent” here? Giroux was crazy pissed off…and he wanted to take it out on a Devils player. What more do we need? Him to call his shot, babe ruth style?

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