Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


Flyers/Devils, Devils won 4-2

Series: 3-1 New Jersey

Still doin’ in: Martin Brodeur turned 40 yesterday, which officially made him the first goaltender in NHL history to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs as a teenager and a 40 year old. I’m guessing he got exactly what he wanted: the win, an assist, and likely a post-game cheeseburger.

Trends: The New Jersey Devils, as an organization, have never lost a series after going up 3-1. If you care to glance up a few lines, you’ll notice that the series is 3-1 New Jersey. That said, I could see it happening – the Flyers just seem like a tough group to put away this year. It’s all those damn pesky rookies.

Questionable hit: Claude Giroux racked up one goal, one assist, and one hearing with Brendan Shanahan over a late hit to the head of Danius Zubrus, shown below.

With no priors and the fact that Zubrus finished the game for the Devils, I bet Giroux gets hit with a WHOPPING $2,500 parking ticket. Man I wish the max fine were high enough for it to at least be relevant.

Enough’s enough: Okay, seriously – Peter DeBoer needs to keep Patrick Elias out of the faceoff circle – he can still play center after the draw is taken. Elias went 6/18 in Game 1, 6/17 in Game 2, and was 3/14 in Game 4 (he was around 50% in Game 3, for what it’s worth). That’s 21.4%.  Time to switch something up.

Soccer style: I just feel like sharing this for those who missed it, because it was awesome: a puck was headed in the air out to Ilya Kovalchuk near the blueline that would have been whistled down had he played it. He wanted to keep it in the zone and keep the play live though, so he executed a near-perfect header on the puck. …He had to fade back too deep though, so it was called offside. Still, awfully creative.

Lopsided: Philly’s a good team right? I could’ve sworn they were. All I know is, it didn’t look like it at times yesterday – it was 32-12 in shots for the Devils after two periods.

What year is this?: Danius Zubrus and Peter Sykora were both dynamite for the Devils yesterday, I felt like I fell into a time machine. They scored all three of the Devils’ goals.

Moving pictures: But why take my word for it? Here’s what it looked like:


Los Angeles/St. Louis, Kings won 3-1

Series: Ovah. Kings swept the Blues 4-0

First time for everything: The Kings have now knocked out the #1 seeded Canucks in five, and swept the #2 seed. It’s the first time an eight seed has ever knocked out both the one and two seeds in playoffs. As I saw earlier on Twitter today (I forget from who, apologies): If it takes five games to beat the one seed, and four to beat the two, would they beat the three seed in three?

Long time comin’: Prior to beating the Canucks in round one, the Kings hadn’t won a playoff series in 17 years. Their wait between series’ wins wasn’t quiiite as long after that. The franchise’s only other series sweep came in a best-of-three in 1976 against the Atlanta Flames.

More firsts: The Kings’ Jordan Nolan and the Blues’ Kevin Shattenkirk both scored their first career playoff goals yesterday.

Lulls: The Blues had a mere one shot through 11 minutes of the game, but the Kings one-upped them like they did all series: they had one shot in an 18 minutes span in the second (they were outshot 13-2 that frame).

That ain’t good: While the Kings have been doing nothing but winning of late (8-1 in playoffs), it certainly hasn’t been on the strength of their powerplay - they’re 1 for their last 37 attempts.

Not as close as it seemed: While the scores of the games were all relatively close, it kinda ended up looking lopsided: The Kings only trailed for 7:42 of the whole series, and it was in the first game. …In the first period. They out-scored the Blues 15-6 overall.

Captain America: It’s hilarious to think that Dustin Brown’s name came up in trade rumours before the deadline. He suits playoff hockey perfectly, and he’s been on a tear – yesterday he stacked up another two goals, was a plus, had three shots, four hits, and played over 18 minutes.

Moving Pictures: And here’s what it looked like: