Ryan Kesler is a lot of things: surly to the media, funny with his photobombs, talented on the ice and more. One thing he’s not, is a dude with particularly strong labra.

His performance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs was underwhelming, which is suddenly understandable. Today the Canucks announced he had surgery to repair the torn labrum in his shoulder, meaning he’s now had surgery on both hips and a shoulder. I think most players would agree that that’s really not the coolest type of hat-trick. A “Gordie Howe” is more than a mild upgrade.

Recovery from the surgery could take up to six months, which would mean he’d miss the beginning of the Canucks’ season.

Here’s what Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis had to say in the official team release:

“After consultation with our team physicians following the playoffs, it was deemed that Ryan would require a procedure on his shoulder. We expect a full recovery and determined this procedure would best serve the team’s and Ryan’s long term goals.”

And assuming the main goal is the Stanley Cup, this makes sense.

Kesler has a 40+ goal season and a Selke Trophy to his name – he’s accomplished a lot. But with all these surgeries by 26, you have to worry for him a little bit. Here’s to hoping for a fast, complete recovery.

…Hey, I didn’t say it.


Our own Jo Innes wrote about labra last year if you’d like to know more about what’s going on with Kesler: