Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


Flyers/Devils, Devils won 3-1

Series: It’s ovah. Devils won series 4-1

Been awhile: The Devils moved past the Philadelphia Flyers, who could never get their give-a-damn meters back to where they were in round one against the Penguins. This is the first time New Jersey has been back to the Conference Final since 2003. I’m pretty sure I picked them to finish 12th in the East in pre-season, so feel free to go read blogs by someone who has a clue what they’re talking about. Although…

A rare “I told you so”: A wise man once made mention of the fact that the Flyers were going to need Ilya Bryzgalov to earn his paycheck and steal them a game. They weren’t scoring a ton, were without Claude Giroux, and pay the dude a lot for just such a thing. But, Bryzaster struck:

I want one: Apparently herniated disc’s make you really good at hockey? Maybe there’s no causation there, but Ilya Kovalchuk was a monster (™ Pierre McGuire, royalties pending) last night, getting the first star nod with a goal, an assist, four shots (with four misses) and a block in just about 20 minutes.

No blame here: Max Talbot had a solid game for the Flyers: he scored their only goal, was a plus, had four shots, two blocks, a hit and four takeaways. Those four takeaways were more than the rest of Philly had combined (three).

Revenge is best served cold: Early in the game, Anton Volchenkov absolutely flattened Braden Schenn (it’s in the highlight package at the bottom). I have no idea if that put the target on his chest, or if Zack Rinaldo just has a target on the chest of everyone within hitting range, but regardless, this happened:


Black ace watch: The Devils had 20 scratches last night – those guys don’t get “paid,” but according to a friend of mine who should know, they get $92 a day per diem. That’s $1840 a day that the Devils dole out to just those guys in food money. I guess it’s not much, but times it by a long playoff run and it is.

Oh right, them: A few people like myself were originally scratching their head over the Devils success, but when you watch guys like Adam Henrique (two assists last night), it isn’t too hard to figure out. Throw Travis Zajac back in the mix (who won 68.4% of his faceoffs last night), and you can’t help but feel like they’re legit.

Moving pictures: If those tidbits weren’t enough, let’s step it up. Here’s exactly what it looked like: