Today’s Backhand Shelf Podcast was loaded with hockey talk goodness. Bob Cole even makes a few more appearances.

We discussed:

* The Caps push the Rangers to a seventh game

* Alexander Ovechkin was a force

* The Rangers wasted a great Lundqvist performance

* John Tortorella’s press conferences – is he in the right? (No.)

* Ron MacLean and his 9/11 comparison – is he in the right? (No.)

* Beerability – which hockey analysts have it? (No podcast tomorrow, so it got bumped up a day.)

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (3)

  1. Barry Melrose – Yes.
    The goalie you say doesn’t better not be Chico Resch, he’s a definite yes.

  2. What I don’t get about the Ron MacLean thing is why the hell didn’t someone on the CBC flag him when this was presented before airing. There is no way something like this was off the cuff.

  3. I think Doc Emrick has the highest beerability (although I can’t stand him).

    Every time he caters to the hockey illiterate is a drink. For example:

    1 Drink:
    “Richards enters the zone…and the play is whistled dead for offside as Gaborik crossed the blue line prior to the puck”

    2 Drinks:
    “Flipped into the air, the player makes contact with a high stick, and that’s going to draw a whistle as long as he or a member of his team can get to the puck first…and they Will Not!!!”

    Finish the beer:
    “Bruins powerplay brought to you by KFC. Tyler Seguin on this second PP unit, Seguin is leading the league in the SubWay +/- award. Incidentally, if the Bruins can convert this opportunity, it will not count towards +/- as that only includes even strength situations”

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