Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


Kings/Coyotes, Kings won 4-2

Series: 1-0 LA

Captain America: Dustin Brown (of the Dustin Brown deadline day trade rumours) is willing this Kings team to the Cup Final – yesterday his stat line was downright purdy: a goal, an assist, plus two, seven shots, six hits, a block and two PIMS, all in under 20 minutes of ice. As @JustinDOY tweeted to @TheRoyalHalf:

And as @TheRoyalHalf responded “everything” seems like the right answer.

Dominance: The Kings were flying in the first (and most of the game), out-shooting the Coyotes 17-4 in the first period, with the final shot total resting at 48-27. If Phoenix’s strength is indeed tight team defense, 48 seems juuust a touch high. The win pushed the Kings to 6-0 on the road in playoffs, which as you know, is absolutely incredible.

Hail Mary: The shots may have been 17-4 after one, but the score was 1-1. Which one of the Coyotes four shots went in, you ask? This one, from center ice, I answer:

I can’t even figure out what happened there – unscreened, it didn’t seem to skip (maybe it did?), it didn’t look like a knuckler…I kinda think that heavy blast just straight up beat Quick.

Backhand Shelf: Anze Kopitar tucked a backhand under the bar to open the scoring yesterday, which gives him seven points in his last four games. That’s not an easy feat when other teams are keyed on you (nor is racking up six shots, as he did).

Who’s that, now?: Dwight King, whose last name is King I’d like to point out, scored twice for…the Kings last night. At first I thought he was just some generic call up so they put the team name on his back because they didn’t know his, but nope, turns out “King” is for real.

Killer: LA has now killed off 24 straight penalties, which certainly increases a team’s chances of winning. As the saying goes, “Your goalie has to be your best penalty killer,” and Jonathan Quick hasn’t disappointed.

Captain Canada: Shane Doan certainly isn’t to blame for the Coyotes loss, as he made a great play on the Coyotes second goal for the assist, fired four shots on Quick, threw seven hits and had a takeaway in 17:35 of ice time.

Moving pictures: The Kings carried the bulk of the action, but the game was still close – check it out for yourself below: