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I’ve brought up the race for NHL 2013 coverboy before here and specifically Scott Hartnell’s campaign to be the man on the front of everyone’s shiny new toy come next season. In sum, I’m a big supporter of it, I think it would be great.

The Philadelphia Flyers have rolled out their campaign to get their man on the cover and it begins with the “Captain Canada” look above. Not too shabby, crew.

Having seen this, who’s your ultimate Captain per hockey country?

Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the Czech Republic and the USA are the top six in the IIHF rankings, run with those.

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  1. Russia: Datsyuk
    Finland: Selanne
    Sweden: Lidstrom
    Czech: Jagr
    USA: Miller or Parise as a skater
    Canada: Crosby

  2. Russia: Bryzgalov
    Finland: Leino
    Sweden: Omark
    Czech Republic: Kaberle (or Hudler)
    USA: Kane (or Gomez)
    Canada: Bertuzzi (or Avery)

  3. More seriously, though, it’s hard to argue with Tom’s list, esp. for the first three countries, although Alfredsson or Zetterberg would also be a good choice for Sweden while both Koivu brothers would also be good choices for Finland.

  4. Russia: Morozov
    Finland: Kurri (all-time best), Koivu Bros today
    Sweden: Lidstrom
    Czech: Elias
    USA: Leetch, Modano, Lafontaine
    Canada: Gretzky, Neidermayer, Sakic

  5. Russia: Malkin
    Finland: Selanne
    Sweden: Lidstrom/Backstrom
    Czech: Elias/Jagr
    USA: Kane
    Canada: Tavares

  6. Slovenia: Kopitar.

    … what?

  7. And Brown’s nickname already is Captain America, so I think it’s safe to say he’s the US rep.

  8. Crosby or Malkin
    or marc-andre fluery

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