Today’s Backhand Shelf Podcast involved a rare moment: Pizzo and I agreed about the severity of a hit.

We touched on:

* The Kings dominance

* What Paul Holmgren thinks of Carter and Richards’ success

* Carter and Richards living together

* Shane Doan’s hit on Trevor Lewis

* Hanzal’s on Brown (as well as the Smith slash on Brown)

* Rangers/Devils tonight

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (3)

  1. I think NBCSN completely missed the Morris kneeing incident. I don’t think there was even a replay that I remember.

    Also, did it feel to anyone else that the Pang/Strader tandem was a little homer-ish in favor of the Coyotes? I know they used to work that team, but it’s now a national broadcast. Then Panger tried to tie in the Pietrangelo hit with the Brown hit. Engblom was great, though.

  2. Pang has been terrible the entire playoffs. His favoritism for teams in each broadcast is easy to hear. He’s lost all credibility as a broadcaster now.

  3. Jesus christ Pizzo, how shallow can an analysis be? Holmgren didn’t trade Richards and Carter because he thought it is impossible to win with those two on a team. He did because it he thought the window for the Flyers was closing and because he was pressured from upper management to get a big name goaltender under contract, thus requiring cap space.

    I also think Holmgren would have very much liked to keep Richards and only trade Carter, but the two are too tight that you couldn’t trade one without the other and not expect a mutiny to start.

    And guess what, the Kings aren’t winning because of Richards and Carter. They aren’t hurting either, but the players primarily responsible for the Kings success right now are Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown, which is why those two names are at the top of everybody’s list for potential Conn Smythe winners. Carter is probably not even on that list, and Richards probably is but only some spots behind other players from other teams.

    In short, because its working out Los Angeles for Richards and Carter doesn’t mean it would have worked out in Philadelphia, simply because its an entirely different team.

    As for the Flyers, they got several very good pieces in return for the two and they will build on it and will continue to be a contender for a while because of it. I don’t think Holmgren is kicking himself over it.

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