The Gate.

It’s no secret that part of the path to success in the NHL playoffs is not shooting yourself in the foot, as evidenced by every winning team, ever. A prolonged level of strong play is as much not beating yourself as it is scoring more goals than the team you’re playing and a key to that is not taking penalties or getting suspended.

Unfortunately for their Stanley Cup hopes, the Phoenix Coyotes forgot that part in their game two tilt with the Kings and let the wheels fall off the bus with undisciplined play. This was punctuated of course by two game misconducts by Shane Doan and Martin Hanzal for boarding calls.

Here are the hits:

The Doan hit is a borderline one of course, given that Lewis could clearly see Doan coming at him and still turned. That being said, I’m still inclined to suggest that Doan could have done more to pull up. I hate to be the 100000th person to reference the Brian Burke ‘hug’ but that was probably a more appropriate approach. Stop signs, kids.

The Hanzal hit, however, is absolutely suspension worthy. Back turned the entire way, big follow-through, face first into the boards. Literally no excuse for that.

Do you think Doan and/or Hanzal should be suspended? Fined?