After doing a season’s worth of hockey podcasts, it’s recently come to my attention that I would suspend players more like Brendan Shanahan, and less like fans. From what I can tell, fans want to see them go longer, and in reality…their case is better than the League’s (and mine): longer suspension would curb more violence than shorter ones. That’s a fact.

But as an ex-player, I just gotta say - some of the hits are just so…dicey. We’re trying to measure intent, we’re trying to put that up against injury, and sometimes things just don’t play out as you planned while on skates and moving fast.

All that said, I thought the Martin Hanzal hit on Dustin Brown was absolute bullshit and I think he deserved more than one game.

It’s a miracle that Brown isn’t seriously injured – just look at the screenshot at the top of this post. This very well could’ve been “the hit” we’re all dreading where an NHLer ends up paralyzed or worse.

Anyway, at least he got some games for it. Here’s the explanation by Brendan Shanahan: