This Mike Smith slash may very well have been my favourite part of last night’s game, and I have nothing against Dustin Brown. It presented very little chance of causing real injury, plenty for real pain, and was just so, so old school (I did grow up watching Billy Smith, for context). While Brown definitely took his time getting up, how got a “diving” penalty (to go along with Smith’s slash) is beyond me.

Just look at the backswing he takes below. He doesn’t quite get it to parallel, as Tiger Woods would recommend, but he held his wrists from releasing until the last second, and had some good hip turn. Really great way to generate power. Fore!

Just gotta work on that follow-through now.

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  1. Normally I love goalie antics, but the stupidity of the timing of this lashing out was so bad, I couldn’t even enjoy it. (Also, I do really like Brown and want him for my very own, so if it had been some other random King, I might be less cranked up about it.)

    But, PHX is already down by 2 AND in the midst of a 5 on 3 kill. I mean, really, Smitty? You’re not more focused on the puck right now?

    Now, if they’re down 1-0 or even 2-0 and not already killing a major penalty (and oh yeah, fighting for their playoff lives)… okay, get it out of your system. But don’t be a dummy. I rarely wish for a goalie to get scored on but Smith deserved that one.

    • That’s a really good point, it was incredibly poorly thought out. But credit to Brown: the way he plays drives people crazy. He’s the heart of that Kings team, and I don’t think the Hanzal hit or Smith slash happen if it’s not Brown as the target. They just can’t stop the guy.

  2. What I couldn’t figure out is “why?” I played goal for many many years, and I can’t remember once chopping lumber like that without being provoked. Surely it couldn’t have just been “he’s blocking me.”

    • I wondered if he thought Brown hit him in the helmet in the previous minute. The puck had just caromed off his head, and I recall Brown’s hand being close.

      • Simple

        They knew the game was lost and were intentionally trying to seriously injure Brown to take him out of the series. This is inexcusable and Smith should have gotten a 3 game suspension.

        The new rule is, when the game is lost , try to kill the opponents best player.

        • Worst agrument yet. If they really wanted to hurt Brown, two things would have happened.
          1) He would of got hurt.
          2) They wouldn’t have their best players doing the dirty work.

          It’s hockey. It’s a rough sport.

          • Both the Blues and the Canucks also tried to injure Brown multiple times and failed. Just because Brown is resilient, doesn’t make it OK.

            It was clear that they were taking runs at him after the Kings went up 2 goals. The Coyotes showed their true colors on Tuesday… They are a dirty team with players that can’t control their emotions. It was ugly to watch and I was just praying that a player like Brown didn’t get injured. It looked like the freakin’ Hanson brothers out there.


  3. Beauty. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Next, they’ll be saying that Lloyd Christmas dove in this scene from Dumb and Dumber…

  5. Mr. Bourne…do I detect the persistent aching twinge of nostalgia underlying your fascination with the todays Swinging Smith because of that more fascinating ,frightening fixture from your childhood…. Billy the Slasher Smith?!

  6. I suppose Brown can’t see the wind-up that Smith is taking (and thus doesn’t realize he’s getting the call already) but MAN, am I the only one who thinks that’s an epic sell-job by Brown? He jumps like he’s been shot, then the whole leaning on the stick heavily to get back up for 10 seconds afterwards? Come onnnnnnnnnn. Brown’s been a wrecking ball all playoffs, giving and taking out all kinds of punishment, then little ‘ol Mike Smith brings him to his knees with one blow?

    • I suggest you watch where Brown almost loses his balance walking/skating off the ice afterwards. Also, goalie sticks are meant to stop pucks, unlike players’ sticks, so that was a heck of a slash there. Come onnnnnnnnn, Carl. You should know this if you’ve been watching hockey. Btw, “little ol’ Mike Smith” is 6’4″ tall. Good idea to check your facts first – if you have any.

      • Yes, I did watch where he lost his balance while going off the ice. I’m suggesting that was acting a LOT more than it was any apparent injury. How many shifts did he miss? Oh, zero, right. He went back out and kept running a train on everyone because he was fine. I was watching. And when I’m referring to any “little ‘ol” professional hockey player, I’m likely being sarcastic, because NHL players are usually men of large standing and peak physical conditioning.

        • So, Carl.. I’m 5ft tall.. I’d like to try Lil’ ol’ me slashing at the back of your legs to see if it hurts even a little. You game for that? Cause I guarantee that it was the placement of the hit more than anything. I’m quite certain that people have survived things like gun shots to the head, despite numerous others who have died from the same infliction, it’s all about placement. I’m sure a stick to the junk would bring you to your knees….. whereas Browns balls of steel probably wouldn’t feel a thing….

  7. So is it safe to assume that running Smith in game 4, and I mean REALLY running him, is something you’ll enjoy just as much?

    I understand why goalies do this, but honestly this one looked totally uncalled for. Brown wasn’t in the crease. He wasn’t clipping Smith’s stick on a fly by. He was parked outside the crease. I know that the importance of the series dictates that the Kings likely won’t retaliate, but my first thought when i saw this was, “run that fucker and run him hard”.

  8. Slashing is gutless. Bit of embellishment on this though (although not too many people can say they wouldn’t have initially gone down after that chop!). Why is a massive slash to the back of someones legs viewed as a harmless event that people even enjoy… and the best players on teams are getting suspended during elimination games for hitting morons who are skating with their heads down? I love how focused everyone is on the head shot issue, while stick work is now accepted as par for the course.
    Play the game properly, slashing is lowest of the dirt besides maybe slew footing, kneeing and spearing!
    If you feel the need to slash someone you should throw a body check.
    If they have there head at tit level and you hit that first, not your problem you are playing the game how it is meant to be played.
    Doan’s hit is a prime example of players not protecting themselves(not even remotely suspendable), and I’m pulling for the Kings! Diving for a call is one thing, but turning to face the boards when you know the hit is coming is beyond stupid, same as playing the puck and then lowering your head(like its not the NHL and someone isn’t on route to destroy you!). Not saying every head shot or hit from behind is the victim’s fault, but too many honest intentioned hockey plays end up being suspensions because of questionable efforts to protect from impact.
    Meanwhile, filth like this slash is now acceptable, to the point where we are blogging about liking it. Gimme a break!

    • Gutless? That’s a bit much, slashing happens in every game, much of which goes unseen by the camera (behind the play as players are trailing the play and yapping at each other). It’s the best way to get someone’s attention, a little love tap on the shin pads or skate and then, “Hey you d-bag, hit me like that again and blah blah blah”. It’s part of the game and I love a goalie hack. If a forward wants to park his butt in the crease then they better expect a chop to the back of the leg.
      Agreed on Doan’s hit, the player turned his back once Doan had committed to the hit. No suspension.

      • Problem is Brown wasn’t in the crease when Smith slashed him, or even beforehand. It’s cool when a goalie clears his space, but when the forward isn’t even in the crease, well, sorry, that’s a penalty and a stupid one at that.

      • Slashing IS the most gutless play in hockey. Players that slash a lot get laid out in my beer league. A little dude slammed his stick across both my wrists when we went into the boards last night. I left him crumpled in a pile for it. Even though its a “light checking” league there was no call since the refs saw what happened. Retribution is a bitch.

        The longest suspension in NHL history was for a slash. Ron Hextall broke a guys leg with a slash. Doug Gilmore broke a guys arm with a slash. It’s very dangerous, and unless it’s accidental when trying to knock a puck off someones stick (and missing), slashing only serves to injure or break sticks. If you can’t get a guys attention without slashing them, you have bigger problems with your game.

  9. Also should not the turn of the stick, to go from a wack with a paddle into a wack with the sharp edge of the stick.

    How the ref can justify 2 for diving there is beyond me.

  10. No chance of injury? Have you ever held a goalie stick? They are nothing like the normal hockey sticks, they are very solid and are one piece so very strong too. Not to mention that the back of knee is probably the most vulnerable place on an ice hockey player (aside from the face).

  11. You’re an idiot – the slash was criminal – if he wasn’t on the ice, he would have been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. F-ck off a$$hole

  12. Justin and Carl. You are fucking morons.

  13. I’d have to say that stating the slash had “very little chance of causing real injury” is a bit wide of the mark. I can imagine a few different fun injuries that can result from a play like that. Smith isn’t stupid, he knows where the pads are and are not, and knew to pick a vulnerable spot, and knew how to hit him to attempt to maximize damage. A lot of bad things can come of a hack to the back of the knees like that, everyone involved is fortunate nothing more than soreness resulted.

    Putting on my 2-3 nights/week beer-league goalie hat, I try to be as favorable / charitable to a goalie as I can be in situations like this. I’ve slashed/jabbed/shoved my share of players, but generally with cause (in response to post-whistle hacks at covered pucks, forwards trying to set up camp inside the crease, that sort of thing). Played against a guy whose preferred tactic was to set up by the post and try to push my feet out from behind with his stick. There were some slashes involved, needless to say. But even speaking with as much goalie homer-ism as I can manage, Smith’s play was just plain dumb and unnecessary. Brown was outside the crease, hadn’t jostled him or anything, just the proverbial “innocent bystander”. Smith’s team is already down two men and trying to kill off a major, and he goes and does that? He should count himself as amazingly lucky that the refs somehow saw fit to give Brown one of the least credible embellishment calls I’ve ever seen, negating the impact of his loss of composure.

    • I’m a big center that plays beer league 2 days a week. I’m used to getting little slashes etc from goalies because I do a lot of screens, hack at pucks, etc in front of the goal. It’s part of the game, and I expect some retribution. That said, if a goalie hacked at the back of my knees like that when I was skating by, I would: a) probably be injured and b) tear his fucking head off

      Classless play from a dirty player. Mike Smith should be suspended.

  14. Brown is a Dive Master … he deserves every call he gets, even boarder line, cause he manufactures more penalties than anyone in the league. He got slashed, but he sold it for all he was worth.

    I see Smitty learned from Turco … he was never one to tolerate butts in his crease either.

    • If he were in the crease I might agree on that point.. But he wasn’t.. Nor is Brown anywhere near a Dive Master… You should look toward the Sedin Sisters for that title… I’ve seen many players sell calls, almost all of them at one time or another.. but honestly, If Quick had made such a pansy move, I’d WANT him suspended.. I would WANT him benched.. I love the fights in hockey, I just don’t respect any player who is out to injure someone at all, I think that’s a sign of weakness and inferiority… it’s the way a baby reacts when he isn’t getting his way.. It was childish, and shows how much he (rightfully) fears the Kings, and namely Brown

  15. I am all about the physical hockey game but that crap from Smith was ridiculous!! Goalies are so protected that crap like that should be cause for his suspension. @ Justin for that to be your favorite part of the game you are an idiot and not a true hockey fan. Not only is Smith an overly emotional douche but he should think about his team and the cost to them for pulling petty bullshit like that

  16. Fine!

    We settle that she ite the old fashioned way…before all this wussy protect the goalie crap…we RUSH THE NET and POUND HIS @#$

    You want to laud “old school” slashing and give him a pass…we give you OLD SCHOOL SMASH YOUR MOUTH RETRIBUTION.

    Heads must roll PERIOD 1 in LA….

  17. If anyone ever played hockey that cheap shot on Brown could have put him out for the year.
    Calling a penalty on Brown just shows you how terrible
    These refs have become and Smith should be suspended for game 3I but goalies get away with every thing they do. Smith is a hot head and can be very dangerous with that stick. ON THE DOAN HIT LEWIS LOST THE PUCK BEHIND HIM AND THAT IS THE REASON HE TURNED. TRY WATCHING THE PUCK AND NOT THE HIT.

    • I saw that too BG, he lost the puck behind the stick that was already along the boards on the ice and turned to dig it out… Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered turning, he would have already had and passed the puck or moved it away from the boards cause there was no reason for him to stay there doing nothing… people are ignorant

  18. Love it. Brown is a little prick.

    • You must be a bitter fan of a losing hockey team post something so stupid. Smith acts like a little girl throwing a tantrum…and his fans (you) are just as pathetic!

  19. The slash “terrific”…?…I’d call it a bitch-hit….. I’m glad the Kings are jamming ‘em in the net so much that Mike Smith found a use for his stick ’cause he sure wasn’t using it to stop shots….Mike Smith is a little bitch…. .

  20. People calling Brown a diver when Smith went all Greg Louganis on that brush by in the Blackhawks game is high comedy. Then Pang having the idiocy to say Smith was being pushed around like a linebacker…WTF? Talk about a piss poor metaphor, as well as a craptastic analysis, could NBC hire real announcers with a shred of objectivity? As a Bruins fan, I can only hope the Kings crush the Coyotes these next two games, and that Penner bull rushes the net Old School Style deep in Game 4.

    • lmao.. reminds me of Tanya Harding… knew she had no shot so she took out Kerrigan!! See the similarity!

  21. This was a very dangerous play. Players don’t have any protection on the back of their knees. Brown could have torn ligaments. He is the Kings captain and best player, so it would be devastating for the team to lose him.

    In the 80′s Ron Hextall broke a guys leg with a similar play, except he used both arms to swing the stick. Mike Smith is a dirty player and this was arguably a suspendable offense. To argue this play as “terrific” shows a lack of understanding for the game.

    I know the Kings will continue to pay hard nosed aggressive hockey tonight and won’t retaliate to Smith’s dirty play. If the Coyotes players start trying to injure again, expect Shannahan to hand out larger suspensions.

  22. all these people vouching for smith and his slash-attack have got to be the dumbest and most pathetic bunch of coyote fans in the u.s., just like ol’ mikey boy, your suffering a beating on the ice and dont know how to control your tempers. keep cheating pheonix. im sure youll go all the way to stanley cup glory with that attitude. Arizona is a SHIT HOLE. true hockey fans should boycott arizona just for their hockey team. GO KINGS.

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