Some bizarre things happen in hockey games, but few are more bizarre than the standards for skater-goaltender relations. It’s common to see the goaltenders have free reign over the ice, bringing about penalty calls on a whim with flops, hacks and the like. Calling a goaltender for slashing these days seems about as common as the two-line pass.

Equally bizarre in this sport is the double call of a trip, hook, dive or slash in addition to a diving call on the victim of the initial offense. HOW COULD IT BE BOTH? is a common phrase to hear in the living room of hockey fans across the world.

Today, we got both.

Not only was Mike Smith called for a hack on Dustin Brown, Brown was called for diving, embellishing, whatever jargon you want to use. I’m not sure how you penalize a guy for a physical reaction to a whack in the back of the knees. Heck, just poke a friend in the back of the knees and see what happens. I think it’s a little excessive, but hey, what do I know?

Did you think it was called right? Who deserved it more?

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  1. Bad call to give Brown a penalty, but whatever. The Kings are on a roll and stupid calls like that are just a blip on the road to the Cup. Dustin probably welcomed a couple of minutes to get the feeling back in his legs.

    For what it’s worth I don’t think Doan should have received a major on his hit, either. Tough break for Phoenix, but that’s how it’s going for Kings’ opponents right now.

  2. Embelishment by Brown, good call by the refs…
    I think refs were wrong on the Doan hit though… I mean Lewis turned prior/simustaneously to the hit, plus Doan didn’t take any excessive skate strides to crush him.

  3. MT. You are way off. First of all Smith turned his stick so the blade was angled not flat. Second, he hit Brown as hard as he could in an area he is very vulnerable in (back of the knee) with that angled blade. Third, if you had ever played ice hockey and taken a puck or stick in the back of the knee like that, not only does it hurt but your leg goes completely numb (which was obviously what happened to him). Finally, Dustin Brown is tough as nails and that was pain he was in. Add those up and Smith lost his cool and will probably miss a game with a suspension. As for Doan, he should have pulled up and not hit the numbers = the rule right now in the NHL. Maybe Lewis makes that move thinking Doan won’t take a dumb penalty like that. Sour grapes it sounds like to me… Go Kings Go!!!

  4. Smith should be suspended. You aren’t allowed to hit goalies at all. Anytime they do something like this it should pretty much be an automatic game DQ.

  5. If it was regular season, I would expect Smith to face suspensions (for this and the headlock). However, it’s not, and the NHL won’t suspend their goalie in a series where they’re down 2-0 heading to LA.
    Bad call on the diving penalty for Brown, that’s a very painful spot to get hit. Tough luck on Doan too, should’ve just been in game, no need to eject him. However, even if Doan was still in the game, LA was on a roll… essentially, I can’t see him being there changing the end result.

  6. Doan should’ve been a double-minor. Brown’s penalty was ludicrous. I don’t know if anything else was close to being wrong.

  7. I don’t think Brown dived on this play. You barely have to touch someone in the back of the knee for them to crumble to the ground. Taking a slash will surely do that.

  8. Agree with those saying it was a bad call on Brown. As for Doan, they most likely gave him a major for boarding before Lewis got up, and once he got up and was bleeding everywhere, the game misconduct becomes automatic. Nothing they can do about it at that point, its like a high sticking penalty.

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