Some bizarre things happen in hockey games, but few are more bizarre than the standards for skater-goaltender relations. It’s common to see the goaltenders have free reign over the ice, bringing about penalty calls on a whim with flops, hacks and the like. Calling a goaltender for slashing these days seems about as common as the two-line pass.

Equally bizarre in this sport is the double call of a trip, hook, dive or slash in addition to a diving call on the victim of the initial offense. HOW COULD IT BE BOTH? is a common phrase to hear in the living room of hockey fans across the world.

Today, we got both.

Not only was Mike Smith called for a hack on Dustin Brown, Brown was called for diving, embellishing, whatever jargon you want to use. I’m not sure how you penalize a guy for a physical reaction to a whack in the back of the knees. Heck, just poke a friend in the back of the knees and see what happens. I think it’s a little excessive, but hey, what do I know?

Did you think it was called right? Who deserved it more?