Those who’ve become familiar with my work (and Twitter feed) know I’m an animal guy. Right now my wife and I happen to have cats (as those who used to read know all too well – here’s Tyson and Jiggsy, by the way), and we’ve taken enough pictures of them that our families should be reasonably concerned about us.

Anyway, my current cat obsession has led me to saying this: vote for Scott Hartnell to be on the cover of EA’s NHL 13, because he made the video below. Just move past the semi-douchey move that is wearing an NHL All-Star Game t-shirt (just as a little reminder for everyone, of course), and do it. I love this guy.

That black cat is petrified, and hilarious looking. That he or she had to suffer through that traumatic video should be incentive enough for you to give Hartnell your vote. Don’t let that cat’s suffering be for naught.

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  1. Sorry, Malkin all the way. Can’t make cat videos while going for a World Championship.

    There is a video out there with Malkin and his cat wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. No clue where to find that right now. Just if you needed a cat incentive to vote for Malkin.

  2. I miss

  3. I don’t know if this was nice to the kitties, but it was certainly effective for the campaign. I voted once for Hartnell and another, like, 36 times for the black cat… I hope they got some extra treats for this!

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