The deeper and deeper we get into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the greater the tension gets for the players, the coaches, the management teams and even the fans.

Sometimes it’s good for all involved to get even just a few seconds of tension-breaking humour to lighten the mood. Well the Devils and Rangers got it on Wednesday night in the form of a faulty penalty box door at Madison Square Garden.

Between the commentators trying to continue covering the “action,” the players looking dumbfounded and both coaches unable to contain their laughter, it’s hard not to smile watching that video.

Fast forward a couple of hours later though, to John Tortorella’s post-game press conference, and you get a much different scene and atmosphere, one where the only smiles you would see are awkward and uncomfortable ones.

One thing I’ll say about Tortorella is this: he’s mastered the art of blowing off reporters and refusing to answer questions without coming off like a total jerk. Some coaches can come off arrogant, rude and really just disrespectful when conducting a press conference like this, but Tortorella finds a way to do it in a “Look, I respect the fact that you have a job to do, but I just won’t say what you want to hear” sort of way. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s the vibe I’ve been getting from him lately.

As long as you don’t let your phone ring during the presser.

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