On February 9th, the San Jose Sharks were playing the Calgary Flames, and were down in the game 4-3 in the third period. Mikka Kipruoff got clipped somehow and went down, and the puck flipped over his head – to stop it, he did the scorpion: he kicked his legs up behind him (assuming the “scorpion” pose), and stopped the puck. It was pretty nice:

Had eight of these in my house in 2-3 years, by the way

Haven't had any of these though (Scorpion, Mortal Kombat)

Good call by Mike Johnson there.

Well, last night Marty Brodeur took the scorpion save to totally a new level.

Full credit to Marian Gaborik here – he sees the Brodeur attempting to catch him off guard with a poke check, and makes an extremely skilled play. He flips it up and over him, and likely into the net. (And if that goes in, does Gaborik get benched in the third? Not likely, so Brodeur’s save had two positive outcomes for the Devils). Check out this amazing stop:


While I’m including all different types of scorpions, this is the other way people “scorpion.” Don’t watch if you’re one of those folks (like me, I’m not exactly sure why I’m including this) who can’t watch people getting hurt.